CINEMA 2.0: Illuminating Vacuum Media Arts Exhibition cum The 28th ifva Awards - Media Art Category Finalist Exhibition

Venue: Pao Galleries, Hong Kong Arts Centre 
Date: 2023.03.02 - 2023.03.19
Time: 12nn - 8pm 
Price: Free Admission 
The relationship between the screen and film is always paradoxical. It is a thing that enables us to see a film, but is also something that we normally do not see during the viewing experience. It is an “invisible” medium. The screen functions as a border between the two worlds, the physical / the real and the symbolic / the virtual, constantly reminding the audience what is being displayed on screen is merely a movie and a fantasy.
In the contemporary world, the electronic screens have become a universal interface for everyday life. Social media, being highly image-driven and short clips oriented, has reinforced the screens to serve as the indispensable vehicle of self-construction and self-expression. In this era of the pandemic, the functionality of screens has extended and amplified to an extent that has overflown to conceal its physicality.

In this edition of CINEMA 2.0: Illuminating Vacuum Media Arts Exhibition, with four different artworks, the complex relation of how the screen serves as a medium in the real world is re-examined.
Ip Yuk-yiu
Featured Artists:
Joon Moon (South Korea)
Exonemo (Japan)
Akinori Goto (Japan)
The exhibition also showcases the 10 finalist works of this year's ifva Awards Media Art Category. The spectrum for medium of creation for media artworks is remarkably huge, from old FM channels, memory cards, large-scaled sculpture installation to immersive experiences, and the one hit wonder NFT trend. Ten media artworks from Asian region and Hong Kong demonstrate distinctive observations on personal emotions and universal issues.
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