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Late Night Series —— Art X Tender is the Night: Music On Live @ House Music Series - The Trip Back Home

Venue: Online Livestreaming 
Date: 2020.11.15
Time: 22:00 - 23:00 
Price: (Free Registration) 
Ever have you missed home during your trip, have you ever thought about what makes a place a home? Let’s walk along with singer songwriter Ada Lee and her band together with VJ and illustrator and take the trip back home.

This November, House Music Series would transform a special edition for Art X late night programme. Care-free music is not the only enjoyment offered, but also the audio-visual experience with the collaboration with the live-illustrator. Ideas and words thrown out by online audiences will be expressed through fast-sketching. Co-creation triggered by active audiences will shape the visual that is projected to the musician’s canvas of performance, making every music gig unique and intriguing.

Happening at different corners of Hong Kong Arts Centre once a month, House Music Series is designed to be a series of live gigs distinct with its spontaneity, breaths of freedom and intimate environment that audiences could enjoy and interact with musicians.

Date: 15 Nov 2020
Time: 10PM – 11PM
Format: Youtube Livestream
Musician: Ada Lee
Ada is born and raised in Hong Kong with passion in singing, especially interested in canto pop. She believes that each song is a living being, as each of them demonstrate different stories. Being soaked in the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong, she aspire to sing out the daily life of Hongkongers, to record our common growth through songs, and remind everyone that “Home” is a haven. With these aspirations, she wants to become a Real•Hong Kong Singer.

Ada wishes to become a singer that can sing out the stories of mine, yours and his, and embed it to thousands and millions of people’s heart. We wish that you find resonance and your own unique memories.
Illustrator: Carmen Lym @cuddlescuddle
Based in Hong Kong, Carmen Lym drew nutrients during her time practicing art through a Bachelor of Arts in the United States.

Embodying the duality of urban/ rural, the real/ the imaginary, verbality/ serenity every single day, her sense and sensibility aspires to, via sketching Mother Earth’s geomorphological tenderness and roughness, embrace fortune and grace in everyday scenes. Salvaged by Nature, her frets soothed. It is Carmen’s vision to use words and drawings to embrace herself and beings – all flowing from and empowered by her crystallized heart as calm as the lakes and lagoons in nature.
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