The "Unity of Light' Exhibition

Venue: Pao Galleries, Hong Kong Arts Centre (4/F and 5/F) 
Date: 2019.10.12 - 2019.10.21
Time: 12 - 21 Oct 2019 10am - 8pm 
Price: Free Admission 
Presented By: Tino Kwan Lighting Consultants Ltd

To celebrate the 40th Anniversary of TinoKwan Lighting Consultants, this exhibition is about how a Hong Kong boy became one of the world’s leading lighting designers.  As there is a saying that ‘food’ can unite people, we are using ‘light’ to unite all our clients and designer friends, whom we have worked with during the past 40 years. Award winning projects will be featured.


3D Neon Signage Experience

In the 70s & 80s, the Hong Kong economy was booming and streets were full of neon signages of restaurants and shops, which became the symbols of Hong Kong.  This unique night view of Hong Kong, with its spectacular high rises, is part of the Hong Kong pop culture.  In tribute to this culture, Kwan created neon signages of over 40 valued clients, hotels and design companies, using mirrors for reflection, to create a maze-like installation, with multi- reflected lighting effects.  The experience is one of Nostalgia of Hong Kong.


The Story of a Hong Kong Boy

This short film of Tino Kwan describes the story a Hong Kong Boy, born and educated locally; whom with his talent and passion for lighting, went on to become one of the world’s leading lighting designers. 


Rediscover Black Light

Original design & drawings by Tino Kwan and his design team under the effect of ultra violet light.


Light Trolley x Food x Drink

Apart from lighting, Kwan’s passion lies in cooking, specializing in Italian cuisine.  He created the world’s first Light Trolley in order to perfectly lit up a carving board of meat or present glasses of champagne in perfect lighting setting.  Hand made in Hong Kong, the Light Trolley has a back-lit frosted glass top as well as jewelry type of spotlights for food preparation. It only needs two hour’s charging for five hours use of its LED lights, where one can push it around anywhere we like.


40 years Projects

There are some of our latest and most distinguished award winning projects from the past 40 years, including the St. Regis Hong Kong, Raffles Hotel Singapore, Park Hyatt Beijing, Hotel Kapok Luohu Shenzhen and super yacht etc.


Nano Home Design Tino Kwan x Gary Chang

First time cross-over with renowned architectural and interior designer Gary Chang, a Nano home design of 180 sq. ft, with high technology intelligent control and well planned lighting design.  It shows the potential of how a small unit can be a comfortable home with attention to lighting.


Lighting Art Installation

Creative young lighting designers from the company have created a series of lighting art pieces to demonstrate how lighting can also be an art to appreciate.



A new book of Lighting Design Through the eyes of Tino Kwan showcasing Tino Kwan’s work of the past 40 years.

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