House Music Series - Rock Beyond Ethnicity: Now We Talking | Ra.dyo

Venue: Main Entrance, Hong Kong Arts Centre 
Date: 2019.06.16
Time: 12:30 - 13:30 
Price: Free Admission 

House Music Series

Happening at the main entrance of Hong Kong Arts Centre, House Music Series is a series of outdoor gig distinct with its spontaneity, breaths of freedom and intimate environment that audiences could enjoy and interact with musicians, and also encouraging musicians to crossover and inspire each other to "play out of the box".

Collaborating with Jockey Club Lab for Cultural Diversity Study, CLAP & Human Library Hong Kong, House Music Series would like to present you Now We Talking & Ra.dyo. 

Since last December, the two bands ­of Chinese and South Asian roots would come together every month to discuss their band’s history. For instance, they would talk about the first song they have ever produced, the first venue they have performed etc. Respect towards different races and skin colors is demonstrated by how band members of different origins sit together and talk about music enthusiastically. Apart from sharing their band’s history, the two bands also exchanged music ideas and music inspirations. This half-year project is expected to end in May. The two bands planned to perform in June to share about the music they have created during the program with the public.


Now We Talking



Sadib Paudel (Zack) & Akash Limbu (Sky) formed "Now We're Talking" in 2017. The band plays both covers and original songs in gigs.

Both very young with several years of experience in music industries, they are now professionally stepping up our game by hoping to find success in the future ahead and change the heart of the audience. Now We’re Talking is a band of 4, born and raised in Hong Kong, playing pop music. What differs them from other bands is that they use their own unique sound and add grooviness in their music. Moreover,

they not just only play musical instruments, but also they use electronic equipment set to add more variations when performing live.





Ra.dyo (pronounce as radio) is a band consisting of 5 members. Jessica as lead singer, Chelsea as bassist, Grace as guitarist, Godfrey as drummer and Joseph as lead guitarist and leader of the band. The band was first formed in 2017 through a school club called Band Society back in their college years. The purpose of the formation of the band was to showcase the talent of individuals and represent the school. And as their relationship amongst each other have gotten closer, they plan on continuing with the band and see what they can do. The band experiments on playing different genres of songs accordingly to their ability and usually play alternative pop in most of their gigs. They do a lot of cover to hit and mainstream songs with their own version.