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Late Night Series Art X — Tender is the Night: Playwright Studio 9

Venue: McAulay Studio, Hong Kong Arts Centre 
Date: 2020.11.12 - 2020.11.18
Time: 3:00pm / 8:00pm 
Price: $80 (online) / $120 (Live) - 15 NOV 

Presented by Hong Kong Arts Centre, Playwright’s Studio serves as an open experimental platform for playwrights. With the interpretations of directors, actors and simple stage designs, the creations “come to life” on stage for the first time. These theatre productions reflect the younger generations’ understanding of the world, allowing the works to be further developed and refined.

Conceived by Mr. Poon Wai-sum and curated by Ms Janice Poon, the Hong Kong Arts Centre and the Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts work together through Playwright’s Studio in the hope of looking for “the voices of our time”.  

Playwright’s Studio sparks a new collaborative model in theatre, bringing playwrights from “inside the workshop” to “outside the house”. In total, works from 5 playwrights will be showcased this season. Specifically, tailor made for Art X late night programme in November, Playwright Studio 9, will incorporate live streaming along with live polling into the programme, with the objective to enable barrier-free discussion prior and after the play, enhancing the interaction and engagement between audiences and the theatre of the In-the-progress play. With such interactive elements, an unprecedented collaboration between a Theatre & Film Director along with audiences will be offered and the play will be intriguing this time!


$80 (online) / $120 (Live) - 15 NOV

$50 (online) / $80 (Live) – 12, 14, 17 & 18 NOV

$120 All Pass (Online)

$240 All Pass (Live)


12 Nov 2020 (Thu)  and 14 Nov 2020 (Sat) 8:00pm I  (Double Bill)

Programme 1 :《冬梅》"So to say...... I have lost myself"

Director: Lam Kin Fung    Playwright: Chan Sau Ming

Actors: Ronald Wong   I   Bubbles Man   I    Draco Chu

This is the last village left behind from the well-developed city.

Memoryless people penetrate through it, in attempt to search its memories.

Yet, no memories were found, but in the end the leftovers were preserved.

Programme 2 :《竹林》“Sages of the Bamboo Grove”

Director: Chow Wai Chuen    Playwright: Wan Kong

Actors: Ng King Lung   I   ZHANG Yan   I   Jumbo Lam   I   So Yan Ting, Esther

Incident at the Gaoping Tombs is one of the major power shifts in the history, in the midst of this, those who have more feelings towards the incident are called “名士” , seeking the pattern of breathing under the massive low atmospheric pressure.


15 Nov (Sun) 3:00pm and 8:00pm I Art X Special Edition

Programme :《鄉》“Home”

Director: Near Fung     Playwright: Lee Wai Lok

Actors: Pang Chin Hang   I    Moa Ship Wing   I   Ng King Lung   I   Wong Hei Tung

We would like to invite you to experience the night, as if we are unable in stepping aside to look at life but to try hard and live on.

It is not merely a "Drama", just like not to look at life as uncontrollable “desperation”.


17 Nov (Tue) and 18 Nov (Wed) 8:00pm I  (Double Bill)

Programme 1 :《法式音樂會》《Let Me Be Frank 》

Director: Fong Ki Tuen   Playwright: Lau Siu Hong Samuel

Actor: Sung Boon Ho

This night,

a person,

on stage,

extra emotional.

Upholding professional standard for the audiences,

with the inner struggles that are with no courage to convey,

no man in the family would understand the situation,

a slow remedy that will never address the current emergency.

This night,

That person ,

in the circumstance,

how shall he be positioned?

(OR what should he do?)

Programme 2 :《Atmosphere (in/ out)》

Director: Vee Leong     Playwright: Peng Jing

Actors: Jumbo Lam   I   Kung Shuk Yi   I   Chan Kong Hung

An exploration of love, and the exploration originated from a language that must be misunderstood. As language has become a form of expression and beginning of mutual understanding for human beings, how shall we communicate in the fission, completion and dilemma.



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