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Dawn in The Mountain City

Venue: Cho Yiu Chuen 
Date: 2022.11.01 - 2024.11.30

Title:Dawn in The Mountain City

Art Team:Paint wif me

Artist Statement: 

"Rediscovering Cho Yiu Community: A Journey of the Senses"

As the birds sing in endless melody,

And scents of flowers, trees, and soil fill the air,

Down the mountain, animals with gratitude,

Bring baskets of fresh dim sum with loving care.

Shall we sip on fragrant tea to let your worries spill,

Or savor a bubble tea to delight?

Behold the sunrise of Lai King Hill,

Feel the softness of clouds and the warmth of sunlight.

More than a landscape painting to behold,

It's the warmth in the community untold,

Where grown-ups live with hearts of gold,

And children dream of a future to unfold.

May the scenery and hearts be bright,

As the morning sun shines with its light.



未命名設計 (41)
The clothes in front of the window were blown by the morning breeze.
Look out the window at the sunrise over Lai King Mountain and feel the warmth of the sun.
未命名設計 (38)
The little animals under the mountain also like to drink bubble tea!
未命名設計 (39)
What's in the teapot? Seniors like to yum cha, while the students like bubble milk tea. This teapot is specially designed for both generations!
未命名設計 (40)
You can see the village houses in Lai King Mountain.
It turned out to be Cho Yiu Chuen.
未命名設計 (44)

Cho Yiu Chuen is built on the mountain. The students imagined that there could be a Ferris wheel of happiness on Lai King Mountain!


About the Art Team:

未命名設計 (46)

Paint wif me

A group of visual art, education and design graduates. Participated in more than 50 Hong Kong community arts projects and public workshops since 2014. With our passion in community art, we hope to bring art & culture to every corner of our living.


The project is powered by "Teen Art Ambassador x Intergenerational Mural Art Scheme," led by Teen Art Ambassadors in the community, with the participation of Cho Yiu Chuen residents and the elderly. Through a series of mural workshops, it aims to promote intergenerational harmony.


 未命名設計 (49)未命名設計 (48)

Teen Art Ambassador:

Chan Man Hing, Chan Yau Tung Chole, Cheng Nga Fong, Cheng Tsz Shan, Cheung Sin Yung, Choi Tze Yan, Shum Nok Yi, Tang Tsz Yau, Tang Tsz Yiu, Yuen Sum Yau       


未命名設計 (50)未命名設計 (53)未命名設計 (54)

Participants in the Workshops:

Chan Yuk Ham, Cheng Lai Wah, Chui Man Yee, Fung Ling Yu, Fung Mei Fong, Ha Wai Ying, Kwok Chun Hei, Kwok Fung Chu, Kwok Lai King, Lam Yee Man, Lau Wing Cheong Joseph, Lee Po Lin, Lo Oi King Maria, Luk Sau Fan Sera, Ng Fung Yiu, Shek Tung Ping, So Wai Man, Tsang So Nui, Wan Oi Ping, Wong Ho Wing, Wong Kim Ling, Wong Kit Ying, Wong Mei Lin, Wong Yuk Sun, Woo Wai Man Phoebe, Yau Ping Wo, Yip Chiu Yuk Helen, Yu Chun Wai, Yuen Kai On, Yuen Sum Yau, Yuen Yin Ling, Zeng Yuanyuan


The paint is supported by the ecological brand Graphenstone. It is not only composed of 100% natural elements but also has the ability to absorb carbon dioxide from the air, providing refreshing air and a mind-friendly atmosphere to Cho Yiu Chuen community!


A Mind-friendly Estate Model at Cho Yiu Chuen

Funded by Lee Hysan Foundation, the two-year initiative, “A Mind-friendly Estate Model at Cho Yiu Chuen”, began in November 2022 with the objectives of strengthening the community bonds and the "330 well-being" of the residents in Cho Yiu Chuen.

The project aims at connecting the community, promoting mental wellness with our ambassadors, and engaging the residents through the power of art!

Co-organization: Hong Kong Arts Centre, New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association

Supporting Organization: Hong Kong Housing Society

Strategic Partner and Sponsor: Lee Hysan Foundation

What's On
4/F, Hong Kong Arts Centre  
2022.05.25 - 2027.05.27
Public Arts
2022.11.01 - 2024.11.30
Public Arts
Cho Yiu Chuen 
2022.11.01 - 2024.11.30