Venue: Hong Kong Arts Centre McAulay Studio 
Date: 2019.11.05 - 2019.11.09
Time: 5th - 9th Nov 2019 8:30 pm 
Price: $380, $320 
Presented By: HK Theatre Association

A play by Audrey Schebat, directed by Emilie Guillot.

With Bastien Guers and Alma Brami

In French with simplified English surtitles.


Love is the cage and the cage is closed and the door is locked and nobody’s home.

In Audrey Schebat's La Perruche, a married couple, while waiting for their friends to attend a small soirée, falls into disagreement and starts to analyse the nature of their relationship. This couple, male and female, don a veritable wardrobe of well-worn married archetypes. Throughout the play we witness 1950's dynamics, 1990's sitcom banter, what feels like an allusion to A Doll's House, and contemporary technology. These masks, coupled with little analysis of social circumstances that somehow brought them to this state in 2019, create a loss of dramatic intimacy.
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