Once in a Blue Moon - Experimental Images by Ko I-cheng Screenings

Venue: Louis Koo Cinema, Hong Kong Arts Centre 
Date: 2019.11.16
Price: Ticketing details will be announced in October. 
Film Screenings
Blue Moon (Director’s Cut) 

16/11/2019 (Sat) 5pm

Blue Moon (Audience’s Choice)
16/11/2019 (Sat) 8:15pm

Taiwan | 1997 | 97 mins | In Mandarin with English subtitles | DCP | Colour

Director: Ko I-cheng

Film producer: Cheng Wen-tang

Film composer: Tseng Si-ming

Scriptwriter: Ko I-cheng

Cast: Tarcy Su, Leon Dai, David Wang 


About the experimental screenings

The film Blue Moon is separated into five parts, respectively labeled “red”, “orange”, “yellow”, “green” and “blue”. These parts can be presented in different orders, weaving 120 possible stories of a romantic triangle. This experimental film breathes the mysteriousness, possibilities and impermanence of romance; it also explores the nature of urbanity and how people live and love in a city.

The Hong Kong Arts Centre will organise a colour lottery for our audience starting from October to decide on the Audience’s Choice Screening!
Cuen-shu and A-gua were classmates and grew up together. One day, they meet a woman called Yi-fang while they are playing softball, and both end up falling in love with her. On an evening of a blue moon, the three try to clear up the clouds of their intricate love triangle.
About the director

Ko I-cheng

Ko’s works are known for being incisively insightful of society from an observational perspective with an empathy for his characters, making him one of the leading forces of the New Taiwanese Cinema. His important directorial films include Leapfrog (as part of an anthology In Our Time), Reunion, Last Train to Tan Shui, A Piggy Tail, Blue Moon and others.

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