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Symbiosis 2.0

Venue: 4/F Pao Galleries, Hong Kong Arts Centre (Gallery A) 
Date: 2023.03.24 - 2023.03.29
Time: 24 - 28 Mar 2023 10am - 8pm; 29 Mar 2023 10am - 12nn  
Price: Free Admission 
Presented by: Czech Consulate General in cooperation with Prague Art Week and Double Q Gallery

Symbiosis 2.0, a group exhibition organized by Prague based duo of curators Lenka and Richard Bakes, features works from five prestigious Prague galleries and Hong Kong´s Double Q gallery.

The individual works all relate to the exhibition´s title “Symbiosis” and explore interspecies connections and cooperation. Individual artworks reflect on fundamental questions such as where one organism ends and another begins? What exactly does an autonomous individual mean in nature or in the universe? Organisms can never be understood in isolation, for they are a set of active agents that make up our environment and which are studied by the science of ecology.


The first exhibition of this project Co-exists ‘symbiosis’ was exhibited at the Prague House in Brussels in 2022. This second edition of Symbiosis introduces major contemporary artists to the Hong Kong Public for the first time.


Berlinskej Model (Miroslava Večeřová, Duna, Alena Kotzmannová)

Double Q Gallery (Kateřina Ondrušková, Monika Žáková)

hunt kastner (Jiří Skála, Jiří Thýn)

Kvalitář Gallery (Jiří Matějů)

Lucie Drdová Gallery (Václav Kopecký, Barbora Kleinhamplová)

Polansky Gallery (Martin Kohout, Jakub Choma)


Main Partner: Lasvit

Partner: Double Q Gallery


Programme Enquires:song_fang@mzv.cz






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