Venue: Shouson Theatre, Hong Kong Arts Centre 
Date: 2019.03.16 - 2019.03.31
Time: 16th, 19th-23rd, 26th-30th Mar 2019 8 pm; 17th, 23rd-24th, 30th-31st Mar 2019 3 pm 
Price: $320, $260, $200 ($290*, $240*, $180*) *Weekday Special 
Presented by: Hong Kong Repertory Theatre

Arrogance and inferiority are mutually exclusive yet they co-exist
The scourge of pride wreaks havoc, causing the sadness and joys of life to fall out of place


Jason and Tanya have fallen in love, yet they cannot move forward together. What makes Jason hang back? What taboo stands in the way of primal instincts?


Jason’s life is at a stalemate. He is stuck between East and West, his hometown and a foreign land, repression and explosion, the earth and the moon. His feet cannot touch the ground, his body afloat with no sense of direction…


No matter in love or friendship, society or politics, he cannot free himself from his own arrogance.Emerging playwright Wang Haoran, following his controversial Blast and Red Chamber in the Concrete Forest , creates yet another work that challenges our very thresholds.


Presented in Cantonese and Putonghua with Chinese and English surtitles
This programme contains adult content, strong language and smoking scenes
Recommended for ages 12 and above

No admission for latecomers and audience members who leave the auditorium


Programme Enquires: 3103 5900 /
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