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Beauty in the Brush Exploring Chinese Calligraphy - Kids Course

Venue: 10/F, Hong Kong Arts Centre   
Date: 2024.08.14 - 2024.08.30
Time: 10:00-11:30am (every Wednesday and Friday)  
Price: HK$1,880 

Beautiful penmanship is an art. And the ancient art form of Chinese calligraphy is even harder to master due to the simplicity of brush, ink and rice paper that requires greater steadiness of hand and focus. But what fun to give it a go! 


The children will delve into the history and styles of China's traditional scripts over 6 lessons, learning to control brush and ink and expressing their own cultural and personal narratives through the art of beautiful handwriting. By the end of the course, they will have mastered the fundamentals as well as developed a deep appreciation for this ancient art form, enhancing their creative and cultural literacy.  


Through historical reference and practice, students will: 

- Comprehend the evolution and significance of calligraphic scripts—Seal, Clerical, Regular, Running, and Cursive 

- Acquire the foundational skills of using traditional calligraphy tools and techniques 

- Be guided through the intricacies of each script, from the basic strokes to the complex compositions 

- Learn to appreciate classical calligraphy works 

- Deepen their understanding of Chinese cultural expressions, culminating in the creation and critique of their own calligraphic pieces 


Write beautifully in the most traditional Chinese form — register today! 

Exclusive 5% discount to HKAC Friends; 10% discount to HKAC Patrons! (The offer cannot be used in conjunction with other promotion offers and discounts)



APPLY HERE FOR 2 PARTICIPANTS (to enjoy a 5% discount!) 



William Ho Wai Lam apprenticed under Dr. Chui Pui Chee. After graduating from King’s College, Hong Kong in 2019, William obtained a Bachelor of Arts (First Class Honours) in Visual Art from Hong Kong Baptist University in 2023 and is currently pursuing a Master of Philosophy in Visual Arts. William specialises in Chinese calligraphy and is a member of The Jiazi Society of Calligraphy. Rooted in traditional techniques, William integrates calligraphy into contemporary context and explores the modernity of this art form. 



14 to 30 August 2024 (every Wednesday and Friday)  



No. of Lesson 







Cantonese with Supplementary English 

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10/F, Hong Kong Arts Centre  





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