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[Registration Closed] Pump Up the Box! DIY Noise Box - Kids Course

Venue: 10/F, Hong Kong Arts Centre 
Date: 2024.07.23 - 2024.08.13
Time: 10:30am-1pm or 2:30pm-5pm (every Tuesday) 
Price: HK$2,380 (material fee included) 

Pump Up the Box! 

DIY Noise Box - Kids Course 


What do you get when you throw wood, coiled springs and other metallic bits together! A NOISE BOX! Not quite a 'musical instrument', it does work on the same principle as proper musical instruments and sheds light on how sound is emitted. So get ready, kids - let's make some noise!!  


In this science-meets-music workshop, kids will make a uniquely constructed noise box that utilises piezoelectric pickups to capture the vibrations of metal parts attached to the wooden box and transmit these sounds to a loudspeaker. With a balance of theory and hands-on practice, this course is a fun-tastic combination of brain-body stimulation. 


Students will: 

- Learn about controlling the piezoelectric effect to transform everyday objects into musical elements and create rich sonic textures 

- Discover how a piezoelectric pickup captures and amplifies sound in a noise box 

- Understand the physical properties of sound and the principles of sound transmission 

- Explore the infinite possibilities of sound design through experimentation 


Register today to experience how much fun the science of sound is!  

Exclusive 5% discount to HKAC Friends; 10% discount to HKAC Patrons! (The offer cannot be used in conjunction with other promotion offers and discounts)


Registration Closed



Hansel born and raised in Hong Kong, graduated from RMIT's Fine Art programme (co-presented by Hong Kong Art School) in 2009 and the University of West England's Electronic Communication Engineering program in 2023. He explores a variety of creative languages through mediums like painting, sound, and electronics. With over a decade of experience in visual art education, Hansel co-founded BiLiBaLa Art Studio in 2021 and dedicates himself to art creation and education. 



23 July to 13 August 2024 (every Tuesday)  





No. of Lesson 



HK$2,380 (Materials Fee is included) 





Course Code  

ACKC-340B-F: Morning Session 

ACKC-341B-F: Afternoon Session 





Entry Requirement 





10/F, Hong Kong Arts Centre  

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