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Colour Pop Process Silk-Screen Printing - Kids Course

Venue: 10/F, Hong Kong Arts Centre   
Date: 2024.07.31 - 2024.08.21
Time: 2:00-4:00pm (every Wednesday)) 
Price: HK$1,980 (Materials Fee is included) 

Colour Pop Process 

Silk-Screen Printing - Kids Course 


Ever wondered how patterns are transferred to silk to create stunning garments or gorgeous bedding? The magic lies in a century-old process that remains one of the most popular methods for creating exquisitely patterned silks. 


Screen printing is a printing technology that transfers pigment to surfaces of different materials through a mesh screen. This course introduces kids to the basic screen printing process with a focus on a hand-drawn mesh and the colour-matching method. It also encompasses dual-colour image production, screen preparation and printing practice to provide the most comprehensive introduction to silk-screen printing. 


Through theory, references and practice, students will: 

- Understand the basics of double-sided (front and back) and dual-colour image creation 

- Reference and share works by different artists for inspiration 

- Gain insight on pigment concentration, colour-mixing techniques, printing strength and counterpoint 

- Learn printing table operation skills and how to prepare printing materials 


Register now to acquire a century-old skill that is the brilliance of silk-screen printing!  

Exclusive 5% discount to HKAC Friends; 10% discount to HKAC Patrons! (The offer cannot be used in conjunction with other promotion offers and discounts)



APPLY HERE FOR 2 PARTICIPANTS (to enjoy a 5% discount!) 



Born in Hong Kong in 1983, Wong Wing Tong studied Fine Art at RMIT University (co-presented with HK Art School) and graduated in 2008. Tong is adept at using various mediums for his creations, ranging from painting and sculpture to installation art. Through the interplay of dots, lines, planes, and colours, he presents in the realm of painting an inner space of contemplation and the relationship with tangible objects encountered in everyday life. Currently serving as a community artist and farmer, he fosters collaboration between local residents and independent artists, promoting local culture and arts, and sharing diverse artistic experiences within the community. He has also participated in mural projects and artist residencies, accumulating substantial experience in interacting with the local environment and its inhabitants. 



31 July to 21 August 2024 (every Wednesday)  



No. of Lesson 



HK$1,980 (Materials Fee is included) 





Course Code  






Entry Requirement 

Experience in graphic creation is preferred 




10/F, Hong Kong Arts Centre  





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