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Children Improv Comedy (ages 5-10)

Venue: 10/F, Hong Kong Arts Centre   
Date: 2024.07.23 - 2024.08.03
Time: 2:00-3:30pm  (every Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Last lesson on Saturday)  
Price: HK$2,380  

Laughter makes the world go round! But it takes finesse as a performer, expressive facial expressions, and the right timing in delivering jokes to make people laugh. This course will teach the skills behind improv comedy that encompass humour + creativity + performance + positive thinking.  


'Improvisational comedy' uses different drama games that allow participants to face ever-changing emergencies with instant reactions and no preparation. The process will help kids: 

- Understand their habitual thinking and be inspired to make changes by entering the "YES AND" positive mindset 

- Improve communication skills through humour, creativity, crisis management, trust in others,  listening, and asking questions 


Many foreign academic studies have confirmed its benefits. In 2013, the Department of Psychology at the University of Pennsylvania pointed out that improvisational drama training and applied psychology training have similar effects. Both can improve self-awareness, communication and mutual trust between people. Other studies have noted that just 20 minutes of improvisational practice can significantly improve people's diverse thinking. 


Be confident and shine like a seasoned pro comedian - register today! 

Exclusive 5% discount to HKAC Friends; 10% discount to HKAC Patrons! (The offer cannot be used in conjunction with other promotion offers and discounts)



APPLY HERE FOR 2 PARTICIPANTS (to enjoy a 5% discount!) 



Mary NG is a stand-up comedian with more than 300,000 views on a single video online. She has performed in Australia, Malaysia and Guangzhou, and is very popular amongst Chinese people everywhere.  

The "Little Comic" she founded is dedicated to promoting children's comedy education. Mary currently tutors comedy courses in primary and secondary schools and runs teacher professional development days. 

Mary used to be a senior journalist, having graduated from the School of Journalism and Communication at the Chinese University of China with a master's degree in Comparative and Public History. She also served as part-time lecturer in a post-secondary institution. Mary excels at turning grief and anger into comedy, and her creative inspiration comes from every detail of life. Mary believes that the world is so big, imagination is unlimited, and laughter knows no boundaries. 



23 July to 3 August 2024

(every Tuesday, Thursday, Friday,

Last lesson on 3 August, Saturday)  



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10/F, Hong Kong Arts Centre  


兒童都宜 馬灣站#331 2

2 第二期


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