Hong Kong Arts Centre Introduces the Latest mobile app (iPhone 4/5, iPad, Android)

Art is in Your Hands
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The Hong Kong Arts Centre (HKAC) brings forth the latest mobile app based on the features of our smartphone culture - mobility, personal, information retrieval and social networking. Designed to be creative, communicative, content-focused and community-oriented with personalized and interactive elements, all updates and information of the HKAC mobile apps are presented in a fun and interesting manner and outlook. Making art to be more accessible with the introduction of our lifestyle- oriented app to keep up with the times.

Brand-new functions for feeds on art 
This HKAC mobile app is the latest informative programme running on a delightful smartphone interface with user-friendly functions. Its “Programmes” button enables users to select corresponding events according to both their personal preferences and its built-in event categories, including “Exhibitions”, “Performing Arts”, “Public Art” and “Moving Images”. A quick and simple browse with “Calendar”  synchs programmes of their delights to personal schedules. Users can even share their favorite artworks and activities through social media. Art and culture become all at once enlivened through sharing, connection and communication.
The current trend of photo sharing, social network extension and augmented reality explains the other two highlights on the HKAC’s newest app, “Art Tour” and “Love to Share”. Empowered by QR code and AR technologies to experience virtual reality, users are able to visit different corners within the Hong Kong Arts Centre through visual and audio aids and see more information behind each public artwork. Instant booking of Docent Guided Tours on the phone is equally fast and easy. ACFan can now share their unique images according to our monthly theme. The result is a collective virtual artwork as a unique mosaic created with other art enthusiasts. In addition, seamless connection on the app with others offers fun of discovering art together. (Please refer to the attached doc and images for more information)

Annie Ho (Marketing & Development Director)
Phone: 852- 2824 5306 / 852- 9481 8706