Hong Kong Arts Centre collaborates with Hong Kong Tramways and POAD Transforming the city's Tram Shelters into unmissable art galleries

“ARTram Shelters” 

7 May 2013 - Hong Kong Tramways, POAD and Hong Kong Arts Centre (HKAC) are delighted to announce the launch of ARTram Shelters, an initiative created to support Hong Kong's young artists, to upgrade the urban landscape and to make arts more accessible to all.

This unique artistic campaign will see Hong Kong Island's tram shelters - for which POAD has long served as the exclusive advertising agent - transformed into art galleries in the middle of Hong Kong’s most bustling streets, giving local artists the chance to showcase their talents to millions. The organisers' shared vision is to make arts accessible to the community via a proactive approach to promoting culture and its positive values.

Hong Kong Tramways and POAD are committed to corporate social responsibility. As such, education plays an integral part in the campaign, with events such as inspiring educational workshop, geared towards creative development. ARTram Shelters also encourages the joy of art appreciation to a larger audience.

Mr Emmanuel Vivant, General Manager of Hong Kong Tramways, explains, 'We are proud to participate in this campaign that will get arts out of the “Elite” galleries and place it within the reach of the very diverse Hong Kong community we serve every day.’

ARTram Shelters fits perfectly with POAD's values. 'The key to our success is unrelenting innovation and we are devoted to encouraging and nurturing Hong Kong's creative spirits.' says Ms Jo Yiu, General Manager of POADmedia.

For an in-depth look behind the scenes of this extraordinary campaign, a seminar will take place in the fourth quarter. 'Hong Kong Arts Centre is happy to be involved in the ARTram Shelters as there are many talented and exceptional local artists struggling for exposure. This campaign provides a unique platform not only to publicly share the works of Hong Kong artists, but also to show the vibrancy of local arts and culture. Art becomes more accessible as a part of our lives.' says Ms Connie Lam, Executive Director of the Hong Kong Arts Centre.
ARTram Shelters will run from May through December. For more information please visit

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