Comics Concert (Concerts de dessins®).Hong Kong Comics Artists Siuhak & Little Thunder.Jamming with Renowned European Comics Artists and Musicians.June 2013 at the Hong Kong Arts Centre

【Hong Kong Arts Centre】(HKAC) will hold the Comics Concert (Concerts de dessins®) in June this year, gathering great artists and musicians from Hong Kong and Europe to bring Hong Kong audience an amazing and unique music and comics performance. Comics Concert was initiated by comics artist Zep and the Artistic Director of the Angoulême International Comics Festival, Benoît Mouchart, and is one of the most popular events of the Angoulême International Comics Festival.

The Festival has been building a close working relationship with the Hong Kong comics industry. In 2011, the Hong Kong Arts Centre was invited to present “Kaleidoscope – History of Hong Kong Comics Exhibition” at the 38th Angoulême International Comics Festival to introduce the history and development of Hong Kong comics to the Festival’s audiences. Early this year, on the invitation of the Festival, two local comics artists, Siuhak and Little Thunder, travelled to Angoulême with the Hong Kong Arts Centre to perform in the Comics Concert with a group of established French artists and musicians. Executive Director of the Hong Kong Arts Centre, Connie Lam stated, “The Comics Concert at the Angoulême Festival was just a prelude, and the entire performance will be brought to Hong Kong in June as a programme of Le French May, one of the most important cultural events in Hong Kong. Participating French musicians include Areski Belkacem, Yan Péchin and Bobby Jocky, and the French comics artists are Charles Berberian and Bastien Vivès. There will also be, of course, Siuhak and Little Thunder.”

Hong Kong comics artist Siuhak expressed, “The experience [in Angoulême] was quite interesting. I saw other artists’ works, which were done with techniques that I have never tried before. I hope there would be more local elements in the Hong Kong performance in June, that there would be more youngsters seeing the show, so more people could be inspired and experience the magic of drawing.”

Hong Kong comics artist Little Thunder remarked, “I was very happy to take part in the Comics Concert in Angoulême, and to have performed with a group of top European artists. Although the format of the Comics Concert in June and the Angoulême one would probably be similar, it is hoped that there would be Chinese or local elements, or maybe some familiar tunes, added. Through this, the attraction of comics and the magic of comics creation can be shared with the audience.” 

Angoulême is the centre of comics in France. Its annual international comics festival is a must-go for all comics professionals from around the world, and has been capturing the attention of comics artists, publishers and distributors consistently. The HKAC, which is celebrating its 35th Anniversary this year, has gained the precious opportunity to bring the two Hong Kong artists to Angoulême, thanks to the efforts and supports of many parties, including the leading sponsor Create Hong Kong (CreateHK) of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, as well as the two organisers of Le French May, the Consulate General of France in Hong Kong & Macau and the Alliance Française de Hong Kong. This is also the second project sponsored by CreateHK for supporting the involvement of Hong Kong comics industry to participate in the Angoulême International Comics Festival since 2011.

Presenters: Hong Kong Arts Centre / Angoulême International Comics Festival 
Leading Sponsor: Create Hong Kong
Supporters: Consulate General of France in Hong Kong & Macau / Alliance Française de Hong Kong /Le French May

Disclaimer: The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region provides funding support to the project only, and does not otherwise take part in the project.  Any opinions, findings, conclusions or recommendations expressed in these materials/events (or by members of the project team) do not reflect the views of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

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