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Mr. Peter Lau Man-pong appointed Chairman of the Board of Governors at Hong Kong Arts Centre; and farewell to Mrs. Dominica Yang


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[Hong Kong – 3 April 2024] The Hong Kong Arts Centre (HKAC) is pleased to announce that Mr. Peter Lau Man-pong has been appointed as the new Chairman of the Board of Governors of the Hong Kong Arts Centre, effective from 8 April 2024, following the departure of Mrs. Dominica Yang.

Mr. Peter Lau joined the Board of Governors of HKAC in 2018 and has served as the Chairman of the Arts Programme Committee since 2021. He has been responsible for recommending artistic and programme directions to the Board, reviewing the programming policy, and ensuring that all programmes comply with budget guidelines. In his new role as Chairman of the Board of Governors, Mr. Peter Lau will lead HKAC in its mission to foster art development in Hong Kong, continuing to make the city a vibrant and creative hub for the arts.


"HKAC has been a platform for supporting local artists, upholding its long-standing commitment to promote art in Hong Kong," said Mrs. Dominica Yang, the outgoing Chairman of the Board of Governors, HKAC. “I have had the pleasure of working closely together with Mr. Peter Lau Man-pong the past 6 years particularly on the restructuring of our art programmes and management. I am confident that HKAC will continue to be the arts centre for our community and thrive under his leadership, and HKAC and its educating arm, Hong Kong Art School shall continue to strive as a collective entity, working together to develop Hong Kong into a creative metropolis of arts and culture.”


Mr. Peter Lau is an art lover and a collector and has earned himself a strong presence in the art field in Hong Kong. He was appointed as a member of the Advisory Committee on Arts Development of Culture, Sports and Tourism Bureau from on January 2023. Additionally, he serves as a Board Member of Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre (JCCAC) and the Chairman of the Programmes Committee and the Tenancy Committee of JCCAC.



“Art is the vibrant pulse that breathes life into our society, transcending boundaries and speaking to the deepest recesses of our souls,” said Mr. Peter Lau. “As I embark on this journey as the new Chairman of the Board of Governors of the Hong Kong Arts Centre, I stand before you with profound anticipation and unwavering dedication. Let us weave a tapestry of creativity, where art becomes a catalyst for social transformation. Together working with the HKAC Executive Director, Ms. Rebecca Ip, to continue to nurture emerging talents, embrace diversity, empower artists to paint a brighter future, and to contribute to Hong Kong government mission in art development and integration to Greater Bay Area.”


HKAC would like to take this opportunity to extend its gratitude to Mrs. Dominica Yang for her exemplary leadership and significant contributions during her eight years on the Board, six years as Board Chairman. Her dedication and vision have played a pivotal role in shaping the success and growth of HKAC. Under Mrs. Dominica Yang’s tenure, HKAC has continued with the pursuit of “Art for All” through the pandemic period by fostering partnerships to launch projects to promote local art, including well-being public art projects: Via North Point, “A Mind-friendly Estate Model at Cho Yiu Chuen”, and Re: Tai Kok Tsui. Besides well-being projects, Dominica has also started children’s projects such as HKAC’s Junior Docent Programme to nurture the next generation. In addition, she has set up the HKAS Alumni Network to continue to support the artists that have started their artistic journey at HKAS.


Looking forward, HKAC will continue launching more diverse programmes and projects to serve the vibrant art community. The focus will encompass five key areas of art development: Global Arts Explorations, Community Engagement, Voices of Diversity, Artistic Empowerment, and Art for Life. The future shines brightly for HKAC as it embraces its leading role in supporting art talents and making valuable contributions to local and international art communities.

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About Mr. Peter Lau Man-pong

Mr. Peter Lau Man-pong joined HKAC as a Government appointed Board Member on 1 April 2018. Mr. Peter Lau later joined the Arts Programme Committee (APC) of the HKAC in 2020 and became the Chairman of the APC in 2021. In April 2024, Mr. Peter Lau was re-appointed as a Co-Op Member of the BOG as well as the Chairman of the APC effective from 8 April 2024 to 31 March 2027.  During his tenure, Mr. Peter Lau has been instrumental in bringing changes to the structure of our art programmes, demonstrating his strong leadership in navigating the art direction of HKAC.


Mr. Peter Lau is the founder and Managing Director of Asia One Communications Group, a leading provider of integrated communications and printing services in Hong Kong. Under his leadership, the printing house expanded, and as well as book publishing and art exhibition. Asia One's art space and publishing arms have been a valuable platform for up-and-coming and established Hong Kong artists and photographers, and have made unique contributions to documenting the territory's cultural and art history. In 2022, Mr. Peter Lau received the Outstanding Achievement Award (Publishing Sector) from The 33rd Hong Kong Print Awards 2022.


Mr. Peter Lau has been contributing to society by shouldering a number of public capacities, including the Chairman of the Printing and Publishing Training Board of the Vocational Training Council, the Chairman of the Institute of Print Media Professionals, and the Vice President of the Hong Kong Printer Association. In terms of youth development, he also serves as the Deputy Chairman of the Hong Kong Sea Cadet Corps.



About the Hong Kong Arts Centre - Art for Passion, Art for Life, Art for All 

Since 1977, the Hong Kong Arts Centre (HKAC) has been a platform for nurturing and supporting artists, and infusing art into everyday life. Its unique arts and educational programmes aim to make the arts accessible for all. HKAC believes in the transformational power of art for people from all walks of life. Established over four decades ago, HKAC endeavours to bring arts to the people of Hong Kong by presenting programmes in diverse art disciplines, such as visual arts, performing arts, moving images, media arts, comics, animation, arts education, lecture forum, public art, art festival and community art. With the vision of inspiring creativity in the local and international art community, HKAC focuses on five key areas of art development, including Global Arts Explorations, Community Engagement, Voices of Diversity, Artistic Empowerment, and Art for Life. 


In 1998, HKAC collaborated with RMIT University to launch its first Bachelor's degree in Fine Art. Building upon this partnership, HKAC founded its educational arm, the Hong Kong Art School, in 2000. Today, HKAS provides award-bearing programmes to nurture artists and art practitioners, as well as short enrichment courses for the general public. 


The HKAC aspires to engage everyone in the community to become an active participant in the arts - as an enthusiast, an artist or a patron. Let’s continue to embrace ‘Art for Passion, Art for Life, Art for All’ and share the inspiration.


Official Website: hkac.org.hk | Facebook: Hong Kong Arts Centre | Instagram: @hongkongartscentre