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【Hong Kong Arts Centre】Jockey Club ifva Everywhere Carnival │The City is The Cinema (November 1 - 30)

Hong Kong Arts CentreJockey Club ifva Everywhere 48 Hour Film Challenge (Animation)50 Local Animators X Local Band RubberBand

Keep on Running during the Pandemic Animation Music Video Premiere 



MV Link Downloadhttp://ftp.hkac.org.hk/MDD/ifvaEverywhere_48HourFilmChallenge(Animation)/AnimatedVideo.mp4

Images Downloadhttp://ftp.hkac.org.hk/MDD/ifvaEverywhere_48HourFilmChallenge(Animation)


Organised by the Hong Kong Arts Centre, this year’s Jockey Club ifva Everywhere 48 Hour Film Challenge (Animation) gathers 50 active local animators to co-create original animation music video Keep on Running in the framework of “secret room”. The full version of the music video premiered on 11 Nov at ifva Facebook channel.


50 Local Animators to Co-create their ‘Secret Room’

From the enormous crowdfunding feature project, to the various independent animation shorts which shine with different colours, the Hong Kong animation industry has been blossoming in a cross-generation pattern. ifva believes local amination works deserve public’s attention, in at times of crisis, companions are the important power to keep us together. Therefore this year’s 48 Hour Challenge has departed from the usual format of film shooting contest to invite 50 local animators to co-create one animation short film.


Hong Kong animator Step C. has designed the creative motif ‘secret room’ for the animation, and each of the 50 animators created a 5-second animation clip. Step C. also worked as the post-production director who edited all these clips into one animation short film. Step C. believes that this motif relates highly to the current world, “We have been stuck at home and felt like being trapped in a room for these few months. But to animators and creative talents, being physically trapped is not a thing, since your ideas exist way beyond the room. I hope to use this motif to reconnect everyone involved in this project.”


RubberBand to Write New Song for the Animation 

ifva has invited local indie band RubberBand to compose new track Run Run for the animation, as the touring background music along the road of creation. Audience will join the animators to walk along this road to the animated world together with our fellow local animators. 6@RubberBand, the vocal, explained his greatest difficulty in writing the song, “The song has to be written in a particular length and within that length you have to add in different music elements and variations to make it a fresh track to listen to.” When RubberBand wrote the song, the animation short film was still under editing, so they took the 5-second epilogue animation clip created by Step C. as inspiration. “We come up with keywords like ‘lively’, and ‘energetic’ after seeing the clip, and decided to take this as the direction to write the song. This collaboration should be a very vibrant one, as it is a collaboration of 50 animators.”


In the universe of animation, “running” reflects the characters’ personalities, attitudes, and most important of all, souls, which are the elements that bring characters to life. For every step, be it huge or small, made by local animation characters on screen,  they also actually walk in the footsteps of their creators.


Hong Kong Arts Centre’s Jockey Club ifva Everywhere Carnival runs until 30 November. Join the 88 local creative units, and over a hundred artists to embark on an online and offline journey, and explore the different extraordinary image viewing experiences. After all, The City is the Cinema!  


Jockey Club ifva Everywhere 48 Hour Film Challenge (Animation)


Full Animation Music Video: https://youtu.be/b5f6AC4d1W8

Download: https://bit.ly/3k0V0YV


Creative Direction Clip:: https://youtu.be/dM0wZ3Esnf4

Download: https://bit.ly/2JCdEK5


Interview of Step C. and RubberBand: https://youtu.be/kcdxI8rA-eg

Interview of Participating Animators 1: https://youtu.be/Yl0ExKEyB9Q 

Interview of Participating Animators 2: https://youtu.be/qvokN_WGuSQ

Interview of Participating Animators 3: https://youtu.be/6lxnIe-Sh7c

Download: https://bit.ly/2U1xyAq


Download images of making of: https://bit.ly/32m8p86


Profile of 50 Participating Local Animators Instagram acc. : www.instagram.com/50hkanimators/


Jockey Club ifva Everywhere Carnival

Date: 1 – 30 Nov 2020

Anytime, Everywhere | Free admission

Download programme brochure: www.ifva.com/carnival-booklet



Annex: Jockey Club ifva Everywhere 48 Hour Film Challenge (Animation) Creative Team

Participating Animators (in no particular order)


  • Bean Cheng 
  • Chan Kwun-chung 
  • Chan Sin-hong 
  • Chang See-wan 
  • Cheng Ka-shing 
  • Chiu Chui-ling Bee 
  • Chow On-wa 
  • Chui Chun-yu Wilson 
  • Chui Hau-tung 
  • Ho Cheuk-yan 
  • Ho Chun-yu 
  • Ho Sheung-ning Shirley 
  • Ho Wai Kwan Jun 
  • Johnee Lau 
  • Kan Yi-shing 
  • KongKee
  • Law Lok-hei 
  • Lee Ka-yin Eric 
  • Lee Pak-yee Aggie 
  • Leung Chun-tat 
  • Li Ka-wai Anna 
  • Liu Ka-lok 
  • Louise Pau 
  • Luk E-pui Kat 
  • Man Chun-yip 
  • Mok chun-fai 
  • Mok Chun-hei 
  • Ng Kai-chung Tommy 
  • Ng Kai-on 
  • Ng Lung-fung 
  • Ng Wing-kiu 
  • Nine Monkeys Workshop 
  • Shek Ka-chun Isaac 
  • Step C. 
  • Tsang Kwong-fai 
  • The Tsui Brothers 
  • tungwood 
  • Wong Hoi-hung 
  • Wong Hoi-lam
  • Wong Lai-ming Emily 
  • Wong Tsz-yin 
  • Wong Wai-kuen 
  • Wong Ying-kwan 
  • Wu Hau-chung 
  • Yip Chak-fung Fergus 
  • Yip Shun-shing Vincent 
  • Yu Ka-hei Knifeson 
  • Yu Ka-man Carmen
  • Minimind Studio Ltd.
  • Moshing Frenchi



RubberBand Run Run

Written, arranged and produced by RubberBand & Walter Kwan

Lyrics by RubberBand

Recorded by Naruse Tatsuhito, Derek Kwan & Jeremy Cheng

Mixed by Jeremy Cheng



Production Director

Step C.


ifva was founded by the Hong Kong Arts Centre in 1995. Over the years, ifva has established itself as Asia’s pioneering force in short film, animation and media arts, by providing a unique and professional platform for Hong Kong and Asian creative talents to unite, exchange and promote their works.

With the aims to promote short film and media arts and defend independent creative spirit, every year, in addition to the professionally renowned ifva Awards and ifva Festival, ifva also organises a series of extended programmes including the followings: “CINEMA 2.0” media arts exhibition examines different subject matters at the intersection of arts, culture, technology and society; “All About Us” celebrates diversity and the creative voices of young people from the ethnic minority backgrounds; “Jockey Club ifva Everywhere” makes film and media arts accessible to people from all walks of life; and Community and School Tour encourages students to experience and appreciate different media art forms.


Website: www.ifva.com | Facebook: ifva | Instagram: @ifva_hk



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