Comics and Animation Stars Residing at Comix Home Base & Hong Kong Comics Guide Map

Since its opening in July 2013, the Comix Home Base (CHB) has been dedicated to providing a composite platform through education, retail and data collection of local and international comics art. In order to promote this fascinating genre to Hong Kong as well as visitors abroad, the CHB and Hong Kong Arts Centre (HKAC) co-present a series of promotional programmes in May 2014, under the sponsorship of “Create Hong Kong” office of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.
Firstly, the project “Comics and Animation Stars Residing at Comix Home Base” welcomes a series of local comics characters as colourful standees to reside at the CHB on the side of the terrace facing the Burrows Street. Visitors can now meet the all-time favourite comics stars within intimate reach, including Tiger Wong, Striding Cloud, Old Master Q, Miss 13 Dots, Din-dong, Ding Ding Penguin, Panda and also the CHB’s Ambassordor Comix Bubble. The CHB has become the Hong Kong's first creative centre of comics and animation, as well as an ideal meeting place of comics and animation lovers. With such a star-studded cast, the cluster of century-old, pre-war Grade 2 historic building now stands out in ever more brilliant charm.  
Besides, the HKAC and CHB have published a Hong Kong Comics Guide Map for promotion of local comics hotspots including the CHB, Hong Kong Avenue of Comic Stars, Comics@Central and other venues that hold comics and animation events as well as some anime shopping centres in Hong Kong. Free distribution of guide maps are now available in various local comics and tourist spots, libraries, art-related organizations and community centres, etc., to help promote local animation and comics (ani-com) industries.
Any parties which are interested to collect the Hong Kong Comics Guide Map for free distribution, please contact Mr. Lau (2582 0221 | 
Presenter: Hong Kong Arts Centre, Comix Home Base 
Sponsor: Create Hong Kong
About Comix Home Base
Comix Home Base (CHB), which is located in Mallory Street / Burrows Street in Wanchai, is the first pure reservation cum revitalisation project by the Urban Renewal Authority (URA). Revitalised by the URA, the cluster of ten pre-war Grade II historic buildings becomes Hong Kong’s first cultural landmark on comics and animation and is operated by the Hong Kong Arts Centre for five years after its opening in July 2013. Dating back to the 1910s, this architectural cluster is a rare remnant of Hong Kong’s urban past, its mix of East and West witnesses Wanchai’s history and transformation.
The CHB houses studios for comics and animation artists, exhibition and event spaces as well as shops and restaurants. It also contains the Comix Salon, Hong Kong’s first non-profit comics art resource centre, featuring a comprehensive collection of local and overseas comics publications. In addition to exhibitions, the CHB organises events throughout the year: seminars, workshops, screenings, open studio and master classes. Free guided tours introducing CHB’s story and activities as well as architectural features are also available.

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