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Hong Kong Arts Centre - LIN XUE: A Retrospective Exhibition │April 16 - May 7@Pao Galleries

The Hong Kong Arts Centre
LIN XUE: A Retrospective
April 16 -  May 7, 2021
@5/F Pao Galleries, Hong Kong Arts Centre
(2 Harbour Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong) 

Lin Xue had a close connection with the Hong Kong Arts Centre (HKAC). Lin was inspired to start his creative journey when he visited the art exhibition in the HKAC in 1990. In 1995, he was invited to participate in his debut exhibition Manulife Young Artists Series hosted by the HKAC. He participated in the Contemporary Hong Kong Art Biennial Exhibition 1998  and the 55th Venice Biennale, as well as a number of other exhibitions held in the past few decades. This retrospective is a tribute to Lin Xue, showcasing a selection of his previous works, unpublished works and related archives which reflect the artist's intuitive creations and philosophy that integrate the nature and human consciousness throughout his practices for decades; and through the pine tree series, viewers may understand more about Lin’s most recent concerns and inspirations.

Lin Xue, a self-taught Hong Kong local artist who studied plants and micro-organisms for years, and was fascinated by the microcosmic world. Lin’s works mainly relate to the rendition and delineation of landscapes and natural scenes; the meticulous drawings provide an insight into the mechanics of growth and decay in the nature. Instead of using traditional ink brushes, Lin employed bamboo sprigs or sharpened twigs to draw. His intricate ink works reveal the nature by delicate composition and contemporary techniques. 

Lin explained the symbols and totems in his paintings. Inspirations and some techniques came from the nature, dreams and through reading. He also created his own system of written symbols that he adopted in his works and daily life. The unique written language seems to be his personal codes to communicate with the world and the universe, leaving viewers with puzzles to solve.

"Sometimes it is what I’ve seen in the mountains, sometimes it is a flash of thought, a dream, a poem" 

Every “Untitled” is Lin’s humble invitation, to invite viewers “to look into the unnamed and listen to the void”, that draws viewers’ attention and imagination about the unseen world that surrounds us all. Having led a secluded life, Lin Xue expressed in his works his love and exploration of all things in the nature, enigmatic yet poetic. Likewise, this mysterious and unique artist has left us infinite imagination and memory, he will be sorely missed.

LIN XUE: A Retrospective Exhibition
Presenter: Hong Kong Arts Centre
Date: April 16 -  May 7, 2021
Time: 10am - 8pm
Venue: 5/F, Pao Galleries, Hong Kong Arts Centre (Free Admission)
Contact: 2582 0200/hkac@hkac.org.hk

Artists Biography
Lin Xue (1968-2020)
Born in Fujian, China in 1968, migrated to Hong Kong at age five. Lin Xue was a self-taught artist who explored in his work the cosmic balance and the wonders of nature. Lin had been a keen observer of the beauty and the intricacy of the natural world. As a way to stay connected with nature, he collected sharpened bamboo stalks and used them as paint brushes for his meticulous ink works. With his unique artistic language and techniques, Lin created a harmonious world of intricate structures entwined with both real and imagined sceneries where rocks, plants, animals and other creatures emerge from nature and the artist's wild imagination. 

About Hong Kong Arts Centre (HKAC)
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