Hong Kong Arts Centre presents Jockey Club ifva Everywhere – 48 Hour Film Challenge Premiere presented the original works of challengers Teams made impossible possible Local indie band, RubberBand, performed and cheered for the teams

Jockey Club ifva Everywhere – 48 Hour Film Challenge (the Challenge), presented by the Hong Kong Arts Centre, and funded by The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust, was completed a month ago. Twelve teams of challengers fought against time to produce their original short films. The challengers’ entries premiered last Friday (8 December) at the Hong Kong Cultural Centre Piazza,  which was attended by the Under Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development of the HKSAR, Dr. Bernard Chan, the Head of Charities (Grant Making - Sports, Recreation, Arts and Culture) of The Hong Kong Jockey Club, Ms. Rhoda Chan, Member of Board of Governors & Chairman of Building Committee of the Hong Kong Arts Centre, Mr. Peter Yuen, and the Programme Director of the Hong Kong Arts Centre, Ms. Teresa Kwong.
Twelve teams were selected to take up the challenge and to create a short film within 48 hours. Among the twelve, nine teams successfully submitted their works on time, including: NGHOAH, 187 Club, Shut the Freak Up, Happy Jim’s Friends, ZELIG, Non-stop Production, 1984 Studio, Pomato, D0418. Two teams, CM Potato and Blue Story, missed the submission deadline and the chance to win the two prizes. Laputan Robot, the team of five, withdrew the Challenge after the commencement. (Please see Appendix for short film details)
The outstanding works were awarded with two grand prizes, Jury Prize and Audience Prize. Assessed by 3 professional filmmakers, award-winning scriptwriter, Yau Nai-hoi; experienced cinematographer, Kwan Pun-leung; and director of GallantClement ChengNGHOAH’s The Signal received the Jury Prize.  The jury panel made their decision after a three-hour discussion in November, and encouraged the young filmmakers to keep on shooting. NGHOAH will now receive a chance to participate in the Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Market in France. At the premiere, Pomato’s Just for Fun was voted as the audience favourite.  The winning teams of the Jury and Audience Prize will each receive a HK$50,000 cash award.
In the premiere, local indie band, RubberBand, performed and cheered for the teams, and witnessed the winners’ glorious moments.
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Image 01: RubberBand, Local indie band; Mr. Peter Yuen, Member of Board of Governors & Chairman of Building Committee of the Hong Kong Arts Centre; Ms. Rhoda Chan, Head of Charities (Grant Making - Sports, Recreation, Arts and Culture) of The Hong Kong Jockey Club; Dr. Bernard Chan, the Head of Charities (Grant Making - Sports, Recreation, Arts and Culture) of The Hong Kong Jockey Club and Ms. Teresa Kwong, Programme Director, Hong Kong Arts Centre participated in the kick-off ceremony.
Image 02: Jury Prize winning work: The Signal by NGHOAH
Image 03: Audience Prize winning work: Just for Fun by Pomato
Image 04: Local indie band, RubberBand, performed and cheered for the teams
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Organised by Hong Kong Arts Centre, ifva is an incubator for film and visual media in Asia (formerly the Hong Kong Independent Short Film and Video Awards). Founded in 1995, ifva serves as a platform that actively promotes and encourages creative talents in Asia, making short films, videos, animation and media arts. With a cutting-edge vision and highlight independent spirit, ifva has evolved to promote different visual cultures while exploring the boundless potential of creative media. In addition to the annual competition and festival, ifva curates a host of programmes under two initiatives, “Cultivation” and “Engagement”. By connecting creative communities all over the world, ifva aims to engage everyone in the art of creation. ifvais also a core event of Entertainment Expo Hong Kong.
In 2015, ifva initiated an education project “Jockey Club ifva Everywhere” to engage the general public with a series of events to develop the community participation and cultivate creative potentials in the society. The project aims at engaging the general public, bringing a series of exciting programmes, including open-air screening, community tours, master class, and one of the most anticipated outdoor carnival, ifva Everywhere Carnival which will take place next Fall.
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