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1 November to 2 December 2018

Hong Kong Arts Centre (HKAC) has been dedicated to facilitate local and international artistic exchange in the realm of performing arts, visual arts and moving images. This November and December, HKAC provides the public with a chance to learn more about Japanese art and culture with a series of exciting activities as part of the Japan Autumn Festival in Hong Kong - Rediscovering Nippon initiative by Consulate-General of Japan in Hong Kong. Activities organised and hosted by HKAC include Kenji Mizoguchi: A Life in Film, a retrospective screening of films by the master filmmaker; Fabulous Kimono Workshop in Hong Kong, a workshop all about the traditional Japanese garment; as well as Chanoyu: The Arts of Tea Ceremony, a talk dedicated to the Japanese tea culture organised by WADO PROJECT. HKAC will also participate in Hong Kong Week in Tokyo which is organised by Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office (Tokyo), promoting the local cheongsam culture to the Japanese audience through the exhibition The Chic of Hybridity: A Collection of Contemporary Cheongsam.

Kenji Mizoguchi: A Life in Film
One of the greatest masters in Japanese cinema, Kenji Mizoguchi is famed for the meticulous long takes in his works which are widely celebrated in the west. His works critique the oppression of women in Japanese society by delineating the suffering and sacrifices they endured at the time. HKAC has carefully selected a few of his movies for the programme including the classic masterpiece Ugetsu, his early work The Story of the Last Chrysanthemums, as well as The Woman in the Rumor and Street of Shame which are rarely seen on the big screen. The films will be screened from 1 November to 2 December at the Louis Koo Cinema, Hong Kong Arts Centre and the Lecture Hall, Hong Kong Science Museum. A special screening of Kenji Mizoguchi: The Life of a Film Director, a documentary directed by Kaneto Shindo as a tribute to his mentor, will be held to take the audience on a journey through Mizoguchi’s life in film.

Fabulous Kimono Workshop in Hong Kong
The workshop will be hosted by renowned Japanese kimono designer Nobuaki Tomita on 16 November at the Louis Koo Cinema, Hong Kong Arts Centre. Participants will get to learn about the culture of this traditional Japanese garment and try one on themselves at the event. Each participant above the age of 18 can enjoy a sample of Japanese sake or shochu at the Sake Tasting session sponsored by Sake Central.

Chanoyu: The Arts of Tea Ceremony
Organised by WADO PROJECT, Chanoyu: The Arts of Tea Ceremony will take place on 16 November at the Hong Kong Art School Main Campus (10/F, Hong Kong Arts Centre). Japanese tea masters Yoshitomo Ohara, Yasuhuro Hikiami, Noboru Koizumi, and Shunsai Hata will showcase their techniques and skills to the audience, allowing a deeper appreciation and understanding of the Japanese culture.

The Chic of Hybridity: A Collection of Contemporary Cheongsam
The Chic of Hybridity: A Collection of Contemporary Cheongsam will take place from 3 November to 11 November at Shibuya HIKARIE 8/ COURT in Tokyo, Japan. The exhibition will feature ten contemporary cheongsam designs by Hong Kong fashion designers Barney Cheng, Grace Choi, G.O.D., Ranee Kok, Janko Lam, Loom Loop, Amy Wong, Vivienne Tam, and Mary Yu, as well as a traditional piece designed by Fion Fung from The Association of HK Cheongsam Art & Cultural Inheritance. Wong, Lam, and Kok will be in Tokyo to meet the local audience and host Designer Talks on 3 and 4 November.

Japanese Art and Culture @Hong Kong Arts Centre
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