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Louis Koo Cinema

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Men on the Dragon (2018) Against the Tide

Hong Kong Arts Centre
Cinema is to be named Louis Koo Cinema from today (19 July 2018). In the coming three years, the Louis Koo Cinema features a new film programme titled “Great Hong Kong Movies” which showcases works handpicked by up-and-coming Hong Kong filmmakers and industry workers on and behind the screen. The programme includes:
(1) Previews of most anticipated films by emerging Hong Kong filmmakers; and
(2) Classics that can be savoured again on the big screen


“Great Hong Kong Movies” will be kicked off by first-time feature director Sunny Chan’s dragon-boat camaraderie story Men on the Dragon, starring Francis Ng, Poon Chan-leung, Kenny Wong, Tony Wu, Nancy Wu and Jennifer Yu. Men on the Dragon is a work on Hong Kong’s unique dragon boat culture that guest director Adam Wong (The Way We Dance, Magic Boy) looks most forward to.

Support local film and creative cultures. Inspire the young and new generations.

The VIP Special Screening of Men on the Dragon is co-presented by the Hong Kong Arts Centre and One Cool Film Production Limited. By showcasing a variety of great Hong Kong movies, the two presenters hope to rediscover the boundless creativity of Hong Kong cinema with the audience. One Cool Film Production Limited has been advocating for local film production and distribution, and is determined to allow more liberty and opportunities for the next generations of young filmmakers - with the purpose of inspiring creativity and producing more great Hong Kong movies through joint efforts.

There will be an on-stage conversation between the filmmaker who has picked the film and a member of the film crew, such as the director or the producer. The conversation will help the audience learn about the film from the filmmaker’s perspective, and experience the journey of film creation together. The mission of presenting a good selection of films is to inspire younger generations to experience and appreciate Hong Kong cinema.

Jacqueline Liu, Operation Director of One Cool Film Production Limited
, expressed, “It is our great pleasure to collaborate with the Hong Kong Arts Centre. Supporting the screenings of “Great Hong Kong Movies” is to acknowledge the creativity of Hongkongers and appreciate the devoted thoughts of these filmmakers. We hope that Louis Koo Cinema would be a screening venue that is of great importance to good local films. It is to encourage and support local film productions, and to let Hong Kong films take off again.”

Connie Lam, Executive Director of the Hong Kong Art
s Centre, remarked, “We are most delighted to have received the support of One Cool Film Production Limited. The Hong Kong Arts Centre has been an important platform for local and overseas artistic and cultural exchanges, and a dedicated driving force of film and media arts. Our Centre and One Cool Film are joined by one common determination - we both try our best to nurture local creative talents and support the development of film arts. Through this collaboration, we hope we could further nourish local creators, not only can we provide a unique platform for the healthy and vibrant developments of Hong Kong cinema and its related arts, but also able to prove to the world our creative talents to become a new force in the international arts arena.”

At the Hong Kong Arts Centre’s Louis Koo Cinema, the “Great Hong Kong Movies” programme will present a series of films, including the Asian premiere of the new digitally restored Hong Kong classic, Throw Down (dir. Johnnie To, 2004, starring Aaron Kwok, Tony Leung and Louis Koo) in August, and a special screening of newly released Tracey(dir. Jun Li, starring Philip Keung and Kara Hui), a story of a transsexual, in September.

Throw Down
was released in 2004, and is a tribute to the legendary film master Akira Kurosawa. Not only is it a Hong Kong film classic to many cinephiles, it is also Johnnie To’s favourite work of his own. The digitally restored version of Throw Down premiered internationally as the closing film of the 20th Udine Far East Film Festival. Throw Down is handpicked by Back to the Past’s first-time co-director Jack Lai, who has assisted directing experience in several films by Johnnie To. The film has been especially chosen by Lai to encourage himself and other people not to give up in the face of adversity. Tracey, directed by two-time Fresh Wave award-winning director Jun Li, produced by Shu Kei and Jacqueline Liu. The story is about a married man’s struggle to admit to his desire for a female identity, and his emotional hardships before and after a sex reassignment surgery.

Throw Down
(Asian Premiere of Digitally Restored Version)
Director: Johnnie To
Cast: Louis Koo, Aaron Kwok, Cherrie Ying , Tony Leung Ka-fai

10 August (Friday) 7:30pm

Tickets will be for sale at URBTIX in August

Throw Down
is director Johnnie To’s tribute to film master Akira Kurosawa, and To’s favourite work of his own.
Legendary judo fighter Szeto unexpectedly gives up his sport and lives the life of an alcoholic gambler who runs a pub. However, cocky judo champion Tony wants to challenge him to a duel, while old foe Kong demands Szeto to finish the match that has never taken place; and the aged judo master has brought his mentally challenged son to the destitute dojo to seek Szeto’s help. Soon Szeto's pub becomes the ultimate arena where the greatest judo fighters show off their skills. Szeto can no longer hide the real reason behind his early retirement…

(Special Screening)
Director: Jun Li
Cast: Philip Keung, Kara Hui

10 September (Monday) 7:30pm

Private screening (Details will be available soon)

The story is about a married man’s struggle to admit to his desire for a female identity, and his emotional hardships before and after a sex reassignment surgery.


Please Download the video message from Louis Koo and the images of the Louis Koo Cinema:

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Image01: (From left to right) Ms. Teresa Kwong, Programme Director, Hong Kong Arts Centre ; Mr. Jack Lai, Director of Back to the Past; Mr. Jun Li, Director ofTracey; Mr. Tony Wu, Cast of Men on the Dragon; Mrs. Dominica Yang, Chairman, Board of Governors, Hong Kong Arts Centre; Mr. Adam Wong, Guest Director; Ms. Jacqueline Liu, Operation Director of One Cool Film Production Limited; Ms. Jennifer Yu, Cast of Men on the Dragon; Mr. Sunny Chan, Director of Men on the Dragon; Mr. Peter Yuen, Chairman of the Building Committee, Hong Kong Arts Centre and  Ms. Connie Lam, Executive Director, Hong Kong Arts Centre

About One Cool Film Production Limited

In a year time, One Cool Film Production Limited will produce and distribute a myriad of feature films, including Director Ng Yuen-fai’s Warriors of Future which is a the first ever Sci-Fi film produced entirely by Hong Kong local talents. A Witness Out of the Blue is a criminal action film directed by Fung Chih-chiang, produced by the renowned producer Derek Yee Tung-sing. To continue with the dancing momentum, Adam Wong’s The Way We Dance 3 will showcase the culture scene of Hong Kong. Back to the Past, a re-creation of the famous drama series which starring the same cast and co-directed by Ng Yuen-fai and Jack Lai. Last but not least, starring the awarded actor Philip Keung, Tracey portraits the life of a transsexual. Apart from the fore-mentioned films, Louis Koo Cinema will feature more movies directed by local Hong Kong talents to support and encourage local filmmakers.

About Hong Kong Arts Centre (HKAC)

The Hong Kong Arts Centre is a multi-arts centre that fosters artistic exchanges locally and internationally, bringing the most forward creations to Hong Kong and showcasing homegrown talents abroad. The HKAC stimulates innovation and promotes creativity. Being Hong Kong’s only independent non-profit multi-arts institution, the HKAC offers exhibitions, screenings and performances, connecting the arts of Hong Kong to the rest of the world through programmes and collaborations. Come to the HKAC to experience, appreciate, learn and be inspired by arts.

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