【Hong Kong Arts Centre】 HKAC Time Gallery – “The Artistic Trinity of Hong Kong”
Exhibition starts from 16 December 2017 onwards

Stepping into the 40th anniversary, the Hong Kong Arts Centre (HKAC) presents a long-run exhibition - The Artistic Trinity of Hong Kong as a unique celebration of this wonderful occasion,  providing audience with a panoramic view of the Hong Kong Arts Centre’s historical milestones and its future developments. The opening ceremony was successfully held today (16 December 2017). We were honored to have Dr. Tao Ho, the Architect of the Hong Kong Arts Centre building, and his beloved wife, Mrs. Ho and the family, alongside with Mr. Nelson Leong, Chairman of the Board of Governors of the HKAC;  and Ms. Connie Lam, Executive Director of the  HKAC. Through a short walk-through of the exhibition, all the attending guests were able to recall their best memories with the HKAC, to understand more about its long term commitment to promoting arts and culture in Hong Kong and striving its utmost to spread the cultural seeds at home and abroad from this unique and renowned building.
Starting from this December, the HKAC Time Gallery will be stationed at the side hall of the HKAC.  Through invaluable historical photos and video clips featured in the exhibition, visitors can learn more information about Dr Tao Ho, the mastermind behind the unique creation of the HKAC, and know more about how Dr. Ho could overcome the space limitation of 10,000 square feet in the 1970’s and came up with such a revolutionary idea for an arts centre that incorporated traditional Chinese and German Bauhaus architectural styles.
Other than The Artistic Trinity of Hong Kong exhibition, HKAC is also presenting many other wonderful programmes for Hong Kong audience in celebration of its 40th anniversary , including Arty Privy project that breaks down the stereotype of the traditional toilet concept by inviting local and international artists to transform the privies inside the HKAC (from the basement floor to the fifth floor) into exhibition spaces; Comixtream in the City – Wan Chai is a project that transforms the district’s public spaces into exciting ani-com encounters, in which eight local veteran and upcoming ani-com artists collaborate to bring comics art to four distinctive locations, forming a comics cluster celebrating Wan Chai’s past, present and imagining its future, promoting Wan Chai as an ani-com landmark in Hong Kong; Deep Silence - Hong Kong Art School Alumni Network Exhibition 2017 features the works of 29 practising artists who are graduates of the Hong Kong Art School. Upcoming unique programmes in the first two quarters of 2018 include Harbour Arts Sculpture Park and Dragonix multi-art Festival.
Exhibition details
Date: Starts from 16/12/2017
Time: 8:00am-11:00pm
Venue: G/F, Hong Kong Arts Centre
Hong Kong Arts Centre
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