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【Hong Kong Arts Centre】presents - Another Round: Re-Imagining COVID-19 Exhibition_ 17-31 August, 2022 @Pao Galleries

Hong Kong Arts Centre
Another Round: Re-Imagining COVID-19 Exhibition

Six Local Artists to Explore Hong Kong’s Post-COVID ‘New Normal’

Through Different Perspectives

17-31 August, 2022@Pao Galleries

Since the discovery of the virus at the end of 2019, the name COVID-19 has become a part of our lives. The Delta variant and the latest Omicron virus mutation have caused much distress and our way of life has been rewritten forever with no one unscathed. Unstable conditions, however, are often what most easily inspire the sensitive minds of artists. The six participating artists of the present exhibition, including Cheung Chi Wai, Maria Cheung, Almond Chu, Eric Hu, Ringo Tang, and Vincent Yu, alongside curator Edwin K. Lai, have all used the camera as a tool to respond to the challenging new normal under the volatile pandemic. Their records of the city through different perspectives explore the hopes and possibilities in a post-pandemic Hong Kong.

#Rapid Change Under the Pandemic—Collective Experiences of Hong Kong People

From the initial panic and anxiety to the current calm and collected pragmatism, the people of Hong Kong have learnt to coexist with the tumultuous pandemic. The ‘new daily’ and ‘new normal’ brought by the pandemic has also become Hong Kong’s new mainstream. Confronting diverse changes and instability, the artists of the present exhibition have chosen to record daily transformations with creative works that narrate their sights and thoughts in the past three years.

In the series Invasion, the artist Vincent Yu documents the changes of Hong Kong under the pandemic using extra wide lens in sweeping monochrome panoramas. The images both capture reality and reflect poetic expressionism.

Since the start of the pandemic, the idea of ‘rapid change’ in life may remind us of Kafka’s novella Metamorphosis, wherein the male protagonist finds himself transformed from the family’s financial support into a gigantic insect in fear of losing employment after waking up from his sleep. Inspired by Metamorphosis, the artist Cheung Chi Wai interviewed different families and recorded their feelings about the pandemic in text, and also invited them to don custom insect costumes to create his photographic work Metamorphosis.

Masks have unquestionably become a daily necessity in people’s lives. The work New Horizon by the artist Ringo Tang focus on capturing masked faces as the public image of the times. Can the audience feel empathize with their emotions through their gaze? Can we resonate with others beneath our masks through listening to the feelings of others?  

Normal Temperature by Eric Hu presents an inherently different strategy: using an all-round immersive sensorial experience, the artist shares his personal feelings of living under the pandemic since the beginning of last year with the audience in a dark enclosed space.   

#Imagining Life after Crisis—Post-Pandemic Possibilities

As the pandemic slows down, we inevitably begin to imagine: when will the pandemic finally end? What kind of impact will it have on human civilization? How should we prepare for the future after the pandemic?

The artist Almond Chu choose to respond to these questions and imagine the future through the work IN THE FUTURE. The pandemic has brought an unprecedented impact on human civilization, and Chu’s new work imagines scenes of post-disaster regeneration amidst ruined wilderness and the creation of new human civilization.

#Overcoming Adversity—Artist’s Wish and Hope

After experience the pandemic in the past three years, ‘good health and spirit’ has become humanity’s collective wish. Despite trials and tribulations, the people of Hong Kong still care for each other and collectively wish for good health and the passing of the pandemic.

The artist Maria Cheung collected different styles of masks from various people to weave folk blessing item—patchwork quilt—and displays them using photographs in the work Bless this Place to bring blessings, warmth, and good health for the audience.

As the exhibition subtitle ‘Re-Imagining COVID-19’, the six participating artists of this exhibition use different strategies and perspectives to respond to Hong Kong under the pandemic and narrate unique stories through their individual aesthetics.

Exhibition Information

Date: 2022.08.17 - 2022.08.31

Time: 10 AM – 8 PM

Venue: 5/F, Pao Galleries, Hong Kong Arts Centre

Free Admission

Opening2022.08.16 (6 PM – 8 PM)

Organiser: Hong Kong Arts Centre
Sponsor: Emma Liu Hu

Images Caption (Aug16_Ceremony_Photos):


  • Image_1.JPG (from left to right) - Vincent Yu, Participating Artist; Ringo Tang, Participating Artist; Almond Chu, Participating Artist; Maria Cheung, Participating Artist; Rebecca Ip, Executive Director, HKAC; Dominica Yang, Chairman, Board of Governors, HKAC; Eric Hu, Participating Artist; Max Cheng; Edwin Lai, Guest Curator; Chen Ying Ching Mimi; Jesse Clockwork; Gordon Lo, Programme Manager, HKAC
  • Image_2.JPG (from left to right) - Edwin Lai, Guest Curator; Dominica Yang, Chairman, Board of Governors, HKAC; Eric Hu, Participating Artist
  • Image_3.JPG Group Photo
  • Image_4.JPG Opening Ceremony of Another Round: Re-Imagining COVID-19 Exhibition (August 16)
  • Image_5.JPG Metamorphosis, Cheung Chi Wai and his team
  • Image_6.JPG Bless This Place Collection, Maria Cheung
  • Image_7.JPG Invasion series, Vincent Yu
  • Image_8.JPG IN THE FUTURE, Almond Chu
  • Image_9.JPG Participating Artist Ringo Tang with his artwork, New Horizon
  • Image_10.JPG Normal Temperature, Eric Hu

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