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Organised by the Hong Kong Arts Centre and supported by Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD), the 23rd ifva Awards Presentation Ceremony was held on 17 March 2018, at the Hong Kong Arts Centre Cinema. A total of 17 awards for four shorts categories had been given out, with the presence of honorable guests including: Mable Ho (Head of Film Programmes, Leisure and Cultural Services Department), Tom Lin (Golden Horse-winning Taiwan director), Andrew Choi (producer of Ten Years), Adam Lee (local renowned director), Adrian Chow (independent musician and Hong Kong Arts Development Council member), 6@RubberBand, Hamilton Ty Tang (member of the Board of Governors, Hong Kong Arts Centre) and representatives from sponsoring parties. In total, 1216 applications from Hong Kong and the rest of Asia were received. 
Gold Awards for all five categories as follows:
Open Category – Even Ants Strive for Survival  
Open category works as usual depicts the different faces of the city. After an enthusiastic debate among jurors, Ren Xia’s Even Ants Strive for Survival was awarded the Gold Award. A black metaphor on a near future where names are replaced by numbers. Juror Mary Wong comments the film as “extremely stylistic with powerful black-and-white shooting, presenting coherent visual aesthetics that double as the metaphor for the dilemma of Hong Kong”.
Youth Category – Mom
The Gold Award is awarded to Tiffany Ng’s Mom, a film about distance and broken relationship through documenting a series of unanswered voice messages and misdialed phone calls among a mother, a grandmother, and a young girl. Juror Tsang Tsui-shan thinks “the film documents the helplessness of life, and the solidarity and sadness of the elders. The script is fluent, with maturity in cinematography and directing”.
Animation Category – Losing Sight of a Longed Place
Gold Award winning work Losing Sight of a Longed Place depicts a young homosexual who fights for his rights and that of people around him, but the barrier between himself and his father and the lack of progress in society put him in a state of confusion and self-reflection. Juror Tamas Waliczky praises that the piece is a “beautifully drawn and painted animation with important and sensitive message (with) nice compositions, beautiful colours, professional music editing, (and) well written narration”.
Asian New Force Category – Tshweesh
The Gold Award winner for Asian New Forces goes to Tshweesh by Lebanon director Feyrouz Serhal, which depicts the kick off day for World Cup kicks off today and the people of Beirut are eager for the long-awaited event when the signal of the first match seems to be disrupted by strange audio waves. The frustration in the air builds up giving way to a bigger live event. Juror Vincent Chui thinks “the coolly objective treatment of this work serves to emphasize the horrors of war. The film has no storyline and lead characters, but there is a woman that appears periodically, a wounded person who goes about her business who leaves an indelible impression”.
Media Art Category – hardworking circuit #1.3
Results for Media Art Category was announced at the opening ceremony of “Cinema 2.0: Dark Mirrors” on 6 March. Hong Kong artist Wong Chun-hoi’s hardworking circuit #1.3 was awarded Gold Award. hardworking circuit #1.3 is a realization of a schema of monotonous, repetitive circuit, using as many units of relay switch as possible to bridge up the sequential extension of cables, merely for the purpose of electricity connection. Juror Ip Yuk-yiu thinks that the piece is “a crazy, stubborn, candid, ridiculous, imaginative, cynical, useless but at the same time amusing and inspiring media experiment. The work perhaps is not the only end of the art. The very process and the ultimate collapse of the artwork produce as much pleasure as the work itself”.
Winners of this year’s ifva are supported by a lot of parties with sponsorship in terms of cash prizes, foreign film festival visit and trophy sponsored by LCSD, Pure Art Foundation and Goethe Institut Hongkong.  
On top of the award presentation ceremony and the screenings of ifva works, NEW ACTION EXPRESS Short Film Highlight, and “So Far, So Close: Screening and Sharing by Tom Lin” in the past two weeks, CINEMA 2.0: Dark Mirrors cum The 23rd ifva Awards – Media Art Category Finalist Exhibition runs till 20 March. As ifva Director Kattie Fan has mentioned, “The ifva team must reciprocally handle these works with our hearts, and with heart we can transcend what we do”.
The 24th ifva will be open for application soon. Stay tuned!
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IMAGE01: Director Adam Wong, Juror of Youth Category
IMAGE02: Director Wong Chun, Juror of Youth Category
IMAGE03: Youth Category award winners and jury panel
IMAGE04: The 23rd ifva award ceremony was successfully completed. All guests and award winners took a group photo together

About ifva
Organised by Hong Kong Arts Centre, ifva is an incubator for film and visual media in Asia (formerly the Hong Kong Independent Short Film and Video Awards). Founded in 1995, ifva serves as a platform that actively promotes and encourages creative talents in Asia, making short films, videos, animation and media arts. With a cutting-edge vision and highlight independent spirit, ifva has evolved to promote different visual cultures while exploring the boundless potential of creative media. In addition to the annual competition and festival, ifva curates a host of programmes under two initiatives, “Cultivation” and “Engagement”. By connecting creative communities all over the world, ifva aims to engage everyone in the art of creation. ifva is also a core event of Entertainment Expo Hong Kong.

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