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Hong Kong Arts Centre & Tung Wah Group of Hospitals i-dArt │ Daisy Fairy and the Bear: From the Beach to Wondeer│ Exhibition and Book Launch @ HKAC

Co-presented by the Hong Kong Arts Centre & Tung Wah Group of Hospitals i-dArt
Daisy Fairy and the Bear: From the Beach to Wondeer Exhibition and Book Launch
Overcome the age and physical barriers, embody the spirit of arts for all

Hong Kong Arts Centre (HKAC) published an illustration book, Daisy Fairy and the Bear, in 2019. Due to an overwhelming response, HKAC works with the author Michelle Ling Allcock again to publish the sequel of her first book: Daisy Fairy and the Bear: From the Beach to Wondeer. The sequel is also a fairy tale about the co-existence between human beings, animals and nature. The story conveys the meaningful message that we should appreciate every life, should be respectful of our environment, and living in harmony with nature.

HKAC is honoured to invite Tung Wah Groups of Hospitals (TWGHs) i-dArt to participate in this illustration book project. The book was drawn by six talented artists, including Chan Sze-man Vicky, Lam Siu-leung, Lee Oi-yee, Leong Iat-hong, Mak Wai-hung and Mok Wai-chee Gigi, who are from different age groups and backgrounds and have overcome their own challenges and barriers. Believing art is barrier-free common language, i-dArt has been devoted in advocating artistic development of people with disabilities. Its motto co-synchronizes and is consistent with the “Arts for All” spirit as advocated by the HKAC which provides an inclusive and unique platform to embrace diversity, believing all individuals should feel free to express their thoughts and creativity through art. The exhibition will showcase their illustrations and display the colourful wonder in the eyes of the artists and the author. 

The book Daisy Fairy and the Bear and Daisy Fairy and the Bear: From the Beach to Wondeer is now available at the HKAC Art Shop and online store (hkacartshop.store).
Shop now for a meaningful gift for your loved ones in this Christmas, and spread this healing story everywhere.
(Please refer to the following for the details on the Christmas sets.)

Details of the Exhibition:
Date: 3 – 30 Dec, 2020
Time: 10am – 6pm (*Opening hours may change if Shouson Theatre has day-time performance)
Venue: Experimental Gallery, 3/F, Hong Kong Arts Centre (2 Harbour Road, Wan Chai)
Free admission 

About the author

  • Michelle Ling Allcock

A creative artist from Hong Kong. Born to a Chinese mother and English father, Michelle received her formative education at Chinese International School in Hong Kong and went on to complete a degree in Creative Events from the University of Kent, England. In her work Michelle draws upon the aesthetics and traditions of East and West, and her many hobbies and interests, include dancing, singing, songwriting, flower arranging, jewellery making, ice skating and surfing. 

About the artists

  • CHAN Sze-man Vicky

Chan Sze-man, Vicky is good at using lines to sketch landscapes boldly, with interesting appearances and clear composition. She also writes calligraphy in the same style of lines. The themes of her creations vary but all come from her daily life, including television, newspapers and magazines, buildings on the streets, means of transportation, floor tiles and fallen leaves. Through the bright colours and rich images in Vicky’s works, our audience should be able to feel the powerful expression of her frankness and self-confidence, as well as her passion for art creation.

Her artworks were selected by international exhibitions such as Asian Contemporary Arts Show and Big-I Art Project in Japan. Her artwork was also selected for the design of cookie tin by TWGHs iBakery.

  • LAM Siu-leung

Whenever Lam Siu-leung paints, he will first locate a base point of the object he picks. Then his eyes and the brush will start to run: the eyes chase after the outline of the image and the brush will outline the trajectory he observes on a piece of paper. Therefore, even though the object painted is still, a sense of flowing is always felt as if it is hidden underneath, and it is a latent energy waiting to be released. He is talented for colour mixing and portraying the carriage of a human figure at a moment.

He received two Cross All Borders: Hong Kong Festival Showcasing New Visual Artists with Disabilities—Open Division Merit Prizes. He held “Path of Progressing” Solo Exhibition at The Alchemist Mail Café, Hong Kong Heritage Museum. He was also an invited artist for international exhibitions such as Da Xi Di art exhibition at Taipei.

  • LEE Oi-yee

Lee Oi-yee is very serious when she does any of her creations. To strive for perfection, Oi-yee keeps on practising day after day.  In the beginning, she had not much self-confidence. All efforts paid off, her works have got significant improvement. Because of her humble and optimistic personality, you will not feel the paintings are harsh to your eyes even with red, yellow, blue and green all these bright colors arranged side by side. Rather, they are showing to you gently the world in the eyes of Oi-yee.

She held “Nanny Oi-yee: Exhibition for a Beginner” Solo Exhibition At i-dArt Space and participated in International Exhibition for Disabled People, Wuhan, China.

  • LEONG Iat-hong

Leong Iat-hong's learning abilities are very high. He is patient and loves trying new things. He does not only enjoy dancing and performing, but also creating artworks. Normally, Iat-hong likes raising questions. However, he becomes very quiet and attentive when he does his creation, a number of colourful and meticulous art pieces are then created. His works are characterised with layers of short and repeated lines approaching from different directions to constitute the composition of the paintings.

He held “Leong Iat-hong’s Artworks – Non-stop Stacking and Chattering” at i-dArt, Kennedy Town. He was awarded in etnet Art Competition for Social Inclusion. He was the featured Artist at i-dArt Creative Workshop of Harbour Arts Sculpture Park project by The Hong Kong Arts Centre. He also illustrated the column story of Sunday Mingpao.

  • MAK Wai-hung

Mak Wai-hung wears thick glasses, but he is good at observing. He is also conversant with painting certain things. Mak Gor paints the facial features in a similar style and so there are small changes in their expressions. But when you look at these figures closely, they have their own personalities. From the very unique style of the figures, there is an indescribable sense of humor. This reveals his unique quality. 

He was awarded Cross All Borders: Hong Kong Festival Showcasing New Visual Artists with Disabilities 2018—Open Division Merit Prize. He was invited to take part in "Mak Gor Cheers You Up” of "Shell Hong Kong X i-dArt - Let’s Make the Future" campaign, and created a mural at the convenience store of Shatin Heights Shell Station. His large scale artwork was commissioned and collected by Goldman Sachs Limited.  

  • MOK Wai-chee, Gigi

The elder sister of MOK Wai-chee, Gigi, is a Chinese painter. Gigi was fascinated by her sister’s art and wished to follow her steps.  However, her dream could not come true because of the war.  When she becomes a senior, her health and visibility are getting worse and she is required to stay in a care and attention home for visually impaired elderly.  Unexpectedly, she has her second chance to have her dream as a painter come true. Due to her poor vision, before she draws, she will move the table to the light source and place the object on a pale colored paper, in order to create the best lighting effect.

She was awarded Cross All Borders: Hong Kong Festival Showcasing New Visual Artists with Disabilities 2016—Open Division Merit Prize. Her artworks were selected in The Nippon Foundation DIVERSITY IN THE ARTS International Art Competition 2018—Open Division. “Spring and Summer” Solo Exhibition was held at iBakery Gallery Café, Tamar Park, Admiralty in 2016.

Image download: http://ftp.hkac.org.hk/MDD/Daisy_Fairy_and_the_Bear:From_the_Beach_to_Wondeer/

Image Caption:

  • Group Photo: (From left to right) Connie Lam, Executive Director, Hong Kong Arts Centre; Miss Vicky CHOW Wing Tung, Art Programme Worker, i-dArt, TWGHs; Mrs. Dominica Yang, Chairman, Board of Governors, Hong Kong Arts Centre and Mr. Leo Wong Ka-ho, Art Development Officer, i-dARt, TWGHs


Daisy Fairy and the Bear: From the Beach to Wondeer Christmas Set

Set A:

$300 (original price $375)

Set B:

$300 (original price $375)

Set C:

$500 (original price $626)

  • New book “Daisy Fairy and the Bear: From the Beach to Wondeer”
  • Volume one “Daisy Fairy and the Bear”
  • “Happy Flower” Pin by i-dArt artist Leung Hing-ling
  • Masking Tape by i-dArt artist Lee Oi-yee
  • Pen by Hong Kong Arts Centre x 2
  • New book “Daisy Fairy and the Bear: From the Beach to Wondeer” 
  • Volume one “Daisy Fairy and the Bear”
  • “Lady in Bikini” Pin by i-dArt artist Mak Wai-hung
  • Masking Tape by i-dArt artist Chan Sze-man
  • Pen by Hong Kong Arts Centre x 2
  • New book “Daisy Fairy and the Bear: From the Beach to Wondeer” 
  • Volume one “Daisy Fairy and the Bear”
  • Denim Apron by i-dArt artist Mak Wai-hung
  • Pen by Hong Kong Arts Centre x 2 
Christmas Set A Christmas Set B Christmas Set C


About Tung Wah Group of Hospitals i-dArt

Art is a barrier-free common language. To appreciate beautiful things and to do creation freely are inborn abilities and rights of human beings. The focus of art appreciation should be on the power that the creators give to their creations and also their abilities, instead of their intellectual or physical abilities. Holding such beliefs, i-dArt connects people with different abilities and explores more possibilities and creative spaces in the community. In addition, we encourage more people with different abilities to participate in art so as to promote social inclusion.

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