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Hong Kong Arts Centre X The Corner Coffee - New Hand-Drawn Paper Cup X HKAC Signature Coffee - Tony & Maggie

A portion of the proceeds will be donated to HKAC
To support its continuous contribution to local arts development

The Corner Coffee
, a coffee roaster brand that has been brewing in the Hong Kong Arts Centre (HKAC) for four years. This December, The Corner is introducing its latest featured hand-drawn paper cup design and launching two HKAC signature coffees blended by their barista Mei Mei, to bring you a multi-sensory coffee tasting experience. HK$3 of the proceeds of every cup of both signature coffees sold will be donated to HKAC for supporting its continuous contribution to local arts development.

Depicting distinct Hong Kong landscapes across time and space in hand-drawn illustrations
Roy Lam (Roy), the illustrator of the paper cup design, is skilful in drawing with technical pens and watercolour painting, He has helped The Corner with the innovative ideas since the first design. He has taken the three core design concepts, “Hong Kong’s feature”, “blue in colour”, and “storytelling” introduced by Shek Wong (Shek), the founder of The Corner, and created three frames of Hong Kong’s cityscapes under the blue sky, beyond time and space. The newest design is created featuring scenes along Harbour Road, including the building of the HKAC, which stands out explicitly from the other commercial buildings along the road. In the new design, Roy added some old Wan Chai elements that had since disappeared, like the ‘Wedding Card Street’, showing the Hong Kong landscapes across time and space.

“We are encouraged to try adding elements of art in The Corner in such an artistic ambience of the HKAC. A year after The Corner opened, we published our first paper cup design, and now, we are releasing the third one this December.” said Shek.

Shek_Roy_Connie Paper Cup Design Tony (left) & Maggie (right)
(From left to right): Mr. Shek Wong, the founder of The Corner; Mr. Roy Lam, the illustrator;Ms. Connie Lam, Executive Director of the Hong Kong Arts Centre The new paper cup design to be published this December, 2020 HKAC Signature Coffees : “Tony”  (right) and “Maggie” (left)

Signature coffee echoing the role of HKAC in arts
Barista Mei Mei from The Corner applies rose syrup and creates two signature coffees, namely “Tony” and “Maggie”, in celebration of the 20th Anniversary of In the Mood for Love by Wong Kar-wai. Mei Mei indicated that the flavour and the colour of rose are so outstanding which could bring strong stimulation to one’s senses, like how art provokes sensations and spiritualties. ”Tony” is black coffee with a mix of tonic and espresso, resembling the profound quality in a man,  while “Maggie” is a combination of milk and espresso, a reminiscence of tender femininity. Rose plays an important role in both signatures, which brings and integrates diverse and rich flavours, similar to what the HKAC is operating day to day , connecting and promoting local arts, igniting artistic inspirations.

Connie Lam, Executive Director of the Hong Kong Arts Centre stated, “The Corner is a good tenant of the HKAC. We always think of our tenants as long-term partners and collaborators. We hope to foster a symbiotic relationship with them so that everyone here can help each other to reach their fullest potential. We can start from tasting a cup of coffee to appreciate life and art, or from loving art to savour life, with a cup of coffee in hand.”

The Corner Coffee and HKAC continue to promote local art development
The Corner Coffee has been a tenant of HKAC for four years. This year, breaking the conventional "owner-tenant" relationship and implementing an act to make a meaningful donation, letting more people know more about local art through coffee. For every cup of HKAC signature coffee sold, The Corner will donate HK$3 to the HKAC to support its continuous contribution to local arts development. 

The Corner Coffee

The Corner Coffee currently has two branches, located at G/F, Hong Kong Arts Centre and Shop 22, G/F, Fook Sing Court, 378 Queen's Road Central, Sheung Wan. The mission of The Corner is to promote the culture of locally roasted coffee in Hong Kong.

It mainly sells pour over coffee, Italian coffee and light meals. The coffee cup design is one of the characteristics of The Corner, which a new design would be published intermittently to make an impression to the customers. 

About Hong Kong Arts Centre (HKAC)

The Hong Kong Arts Centre is a multi-arts centre that fosters artistic exchanges locally and internationally, bringing the most forward creations to Hong Kong and showcasing homegrown talents abroad. The HKAC stimulates innovation and promotes creativity. Being Hong Kong’s only independent non-profit multi-arts institution, the HKAC offers exhibitions, screenings and performances, connecting the arts of Hong Kong to the rest of the world through programmes and collaborations. Come to the HKAC to experience, appreciate, learn and be inspired by arts.


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