Hong Kong Arts Centre’s April Exhibition Falling Into A Trance: Solo Exhibitions by Man Fung-yi & Mok Yat-san

4/F, Pao Galleries, 3-14 April 2014

Hong Kong Arts Centre’s April Exhibition, Falling Into A Trance: Solo Exhibitions by Man Fung-yi & Mok Yat-san,  featuring the latest sculptures and installations of the artist couple Man Fung-yi and Mok Yat-san, will be going to transform the exhibition venue into the setting of an “artist family” for visitors to discover the versatility of Hong Kong sculptors.

The Exhibition’s Opening Ceremony successfully took place this evening (April 3, 2014). Officiating guests included Mrs. Cissy Pao Watari, BBS, Honorary President and Chairman, Arts Programme Committee, Hong Kong Arts Centre; Ms. Florence Hui Hiu -fai, SBS, JP,. Under Secretary for Home Affairs;  Mrs. Nancy Lee, Chairman, The Friends of the Hong Kong Museum of Art  and Ms. Candy Chuang,  Chairman, Treasure Auctioneer Limited. 

Man Fung–yi will exhibit her works orderly at the gallery, reflecting her way of making home. Her recent works Weaving Intimacy For My Mother: Thousand Water, Thousand Eyes, Thousand Mountains & Thousand Flowers, Girl-land, Embroidery Of Happiness and Weaving Intimacy: A Suspended Moment represent the interrelatedness of art and life as a female artist/wife/mother/daughter/sister.

Mok Yat-san will showcase  Relieving Anxiety, Taking Up Residence, Arising Continuity & Birth in Pure Land of his latest series Falling Into Trance which incorporate the motifs from landscape, like blue lotus, swallow and butterfly, to depict his endless fascination, concern and re-shape of nature, for instance, the ever-changing cloudscape and melting stones. As a male artist/husband/father/home guardian of this artist family, he creates a scene of courtyard in Chinese style with tangible strength, masculinity and stability that welcomes the viewers to visit and interact with his sculpture installation.

Both Man and Mork think that while concentrating on art creation, artists sometimes will reach a stage of trance, in which reality interlocks with fantasies, secular world merges with unforgettable memories, to give birth to inconceivable future imagination—an ephemeral yet eternal stage.

Ms. Connie Lam, Executive Director of HKAC remarks, “HKAC is committed to promoting local contemporary arts. In recent years we have spent even more effort in introducing established Hong Kong sculptors to the public. This time, HKAC invites the sculptor-couple who has independent minds and complimentary tolerance to cooperate with each other. Viewers are going to discover the diversity of artists and how Hong Kong sculptors are good at fusing the culture and arts of East and West to further open up a new direction of art.”

Exhibition Information
Falling Into A Trance: Solo Exhibitions by Man Fung-yi & Mok Yat-san
Co-presenter: Hong Kong Arts Centre, Man Fung-yi & Mok Yat-san
Sponsor: Treasure Auctioneer Limited
Date & Time: 3 April-13 April 2014 (10am-8pm); 14 April 2014 (10am – 6pm)
Venue: 4/F, Pao Galleries, Hong Kong Arts Centre
Free Admission

Ms. Annie Ho (Marketing & Development Director)
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