【Hong Kong Arts Centre】Moving Tales of Hong Kong Animation – Hong Kong Animation Development from 2007 to 2017
Retrospect of local animation industry in the past decade through the eyes of the 13 units of animators in Hong Kong

From 18 November 2017 to 5 March 2018, the Hong Kong Arts Centre and Comix Home Base will present Moving Tales of Hong Kong Animation – Hong Kong Animation Development from 2007 to 2017 at Function Place, 1/F, Hong Kong Heritage Museum.  With oral history as the main approach, the exhibition focuses on the milestones in the past decade.  The project interviewed 13 units of representative animators in Hong Kong, providing an overview on the development and the outlook of the local animation industry.
Jointly presented by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department and the Hong Kong Arts Centre, and co-organised by Hong Kong Heritage Museum and Comix Home Base, the exhibition includes interviews of Hong Kong animation companies, workshops, and animators who were active during the past decade, charting the development of the animation industry in Hong Kong and further explaining the creative ideas, styles, and characteristics of animation works during this period.  The interview video will be shown together with the research results and the outstanding works by the units of animators.  The interviewees include veterans who withstood market challenges, independent animators who are renowned for their distinct styles, friends who band together, and new media creative units that seek technical breakthroughs and cross the boundaries of animation.  The curatorial team hopes that visitors will not only appreciate the works by local animators but also understand that the local animation industry plays an unneglectable important role in the culture of Hong Kong.
The Hong Kong Arts Centre (HKAC) is committed to fostering the development of local animation. It has been organising animation and comics programmes since its first mainland Chinese animation programme in 1984.  In 1993, the HKAC curated a programme entitled The Great Japanese Animator – Osamu Tezuka.  Since 1995, an animation category has been included in the ifva awards to nurture animation talents.  In 2005, HKAC coordinated its first animation project entitled i-city.  With the support from the Home Affairs Bureau in 2006, the HKAC initiated the one-year project Comix Home Base, which resulted in the production of the documentary Hong Kong Animation History. The project also inspired the set-up of a comics and animation-themed community in 2013 adopting the same name ‘Comix Home Base’, to be used as the base for promoting long-term comics and animation development in Hong Kong.
Connie Lam, the Hong Kong Arts Centre’s Executive Director and curator of Comix Home Base says, “Thanks to the invitation and support from the Leisure and Cultural Services Department, we have collaborated with dedicated practitioners from the local animation industry to conduct this project on oral history and retrospect of Hong Kong animations. Having the exhibition held at Hong Kong Heritage Museum, the charisma of Hong Kong animations will truly reach a wider audience. We look forward to having more opportunities to promote the vividness and diversity of Hong Kong animations locally and abroad.”
To enhance the visitors’ understanding of local animation and to enrich the exhibition, there will be screenings of award winning animation films during the exhibition, where some of the footage has never or seldom been showcased publicly.  It is a not-to-be-missed event for anyone interested in animation.  Special screenings will be organised at the Hong Kong Arts Centre’s Wan Chai main building and Comix Home Base.  For details of the screening, please refer to the information at the venues, or browse the Hong Kong Arts Centre website.
For the introduction of participating animators of Moving Tales of Hong Kong Animation – Hong Kong Development from 2007 to 2017, please refer to Appendix and go to
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