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Hong Kong Arts Centre winning Gold Award for Arts Promotion (Group/Organisation Category)

Good news after another to celebrate the 35th anniversary of Hong Kong Arts Centre(HKAC). HKAC got the Gold Award  for Arts Promotion (Group/Organisation Category) tonight at the Hong Kong Arts Development Awards 2012 ceremony.

Hong Kong Arts Centre has been promoting comics art with various projects and exhibitions since 2006. In 2011/12, HKAC put on the “Comix & the City Exhibition” to showcase works of more than 30 comic and animation artists from different eras. In addition to the artistic and cultural significance of  local comics, visitors learnt about its history, distinctive features and current development.

The accompanying seminar, “Talk: Comics, Animation & Life”, invited comics and animation artists to share how urban lives inspired their works. Not only did the event attract a number of participants who were not fans of comics previously, but opportunities were also created for exchange between local artists and their overseas counterparts from Europe and the USA . Moreover, HKAC presented Kaleidoscope – History of Hong Kong Comics Exhibition, the first comprehensive publication about Hong Kong comic history for non-Chinese readers, documenting the development of local comics and animations along with a compilation of interviews with comic artists.

HKAC has been working hard all these years to increase public awareness of the artistic value of comics and animation, while giving greater support to home-grown Hong Kong comics artists. Connie Lam, Executive Director of the Hong Kong Arts Centre remarked, “In order to have a better understanding of our community in Wanchai , we have taken initiative to find out what they knew about comics through greater interaction, of which we believe to be a very important step. The award has given both the comic and animation community and us a great deal of encouragement. We now know that comics and animation are being given their due recognition in Hong Kong, and that they are respected as art.”
Annie Ho (Marketing & Development Director) 
Tel: 2824 5306 / 9481 8706 / E-mail: aho@hkac.org.hk