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2019 Honorary Fellowship

● Mr. Gaylord Chan, MBE, BBS (Visual Artist / Educator)
● Mr. Percy Fung Tze-cheong (Producer / Technical Director)
● Mr. Tang Shu-wing (Theatre Director / Actor / Drama Educator)

Gaylord Chan
Born in Hong Kong in 1925, Gaylord Chan was the founding member of the Hong Kong Visual Arts Society in 1974 and chaired the society for the first four years. Chan also cofounded the Culture Corner Art Academy with Josephine Chow in 1989. As a founding member of the Artmatch Group, he served as the chairman of the group for the first four years after its establishment in 1995. Chan’s works have been shown in more than 100 major exhibitions in Hong Kong and overseas cities including London, Switzerland, Hamburg, Paris, Malaysia, etc. Chan has been awarded with MBE in 1986, "Artist of the Year Award" from Hong Kong Artists Guild in 1990 and BBS in 2012.

Chan and Hong Kong Arts Centre go back a long way. He became a member of the Visual Arts Committee of the Hong Kong Arts Centre in 1972. His solo exhibition was held in 1981 at the Hong Kong Arts Centre. In 2005, Miniature by Gaylord Chan was held. He also took part in Hong Kong Arts Centre—HKAC 30th Anniversary Exhibition in 2008. Chan was a part-time tutor of the Hong Kong Arts Centre.

Percy Fung Tze-cheong
Percy Fung is a Hong-Kong based producer, technical director. He is a specialist with 3D, VR, Advanced Media presentation and an enthusiast with Art and Movie works, Social issues and Aviation & Space. His works are related to “Advanced Motion Imaging”. Fung has been a film director in 1976. In 1978, he established the company Film Magic, providing Asian-wide filming services. Fung has pioneered Asian digital movie work under Digital Magic in the 90s, and into the development of Digital Cinema.

Awarded Fellowship from Society of Motion Pictures and Television Engineers, SMPTE in 2008. Fung was also awarded with production works serving Expo 2010's Chinese Theme Pavilion, Hong Kong Pavilion, and the Oil Pavilion. In 2010, he was appointed as Adjunct Professor of City University of Hong Kong. He has also been offering advisory services to professional institutions and film schools. In 2012, Fung served as a Cinema Engineering consultant to the Art Center Digital Cinema migration project. In 2016, he was the Chief Director of Sing! China, a 3D stereo TV show.

TANG Shu-wing
Hailed as one of Hong Kong’s most talented directors by the media, Tang Shu-wing is a multi-award winning internationally acclaimed theatre artist who has helmed more than 50 theatre productions. Advocate of physical theatre and minimalist aesthetic, he established the first Physical Theatre Institute for the young in 2014, creating far-reaching impact on the industry.

In 2011, Tang established the Tang Shu-wing Theatre Studio, devoted to interdisciplinary cross-cultural productions that promote Hong Kong theatre arts internationally. His company has been awarded as an Eminent Arts Group by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council in 2019 and he will create the first Hong Kong International Shakespeare Festival in late 2020 in collaboration with Hong Kong Arts Centre, which will be a milestone to showcase local theatre talents to international presenters through the common cultural heritage of Shakespeare.

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