Late Night Series ─ Art X

At the midnight, it is the time which imagination grows. Come Join with the Hong Kong Arts Centre on the bi-annual special night program “Art X”, which offers new and unique cross-disciplines art experiences for visitors of all ages with performances, film screenings and special programs.

This November, the night of “Art X Fear” will bring you to the world of fear with one of the French VR production mixing performance and virtual theater The Cliffs of V”. You are invited to share the life of a prisoner: Are you willing to trade your eyes for years of freedom? Two special selected psychologic thriller movies from Hong Kong and France, “Life After Life” and “Eyes without a Face” respectively, will also be screened together with special sound effects. With moody live music flowing around the lobby of the Hong Kong Arts Centre, the exploration of inner fear would be extended from the screen to reality.

In the night full of fear, anxiety and phobia in the centre, will you dare break through your own comfort zone for chances?

Following an overwhelming public response at the ifva Carnival, the new media art work The Tape will return to the main entrance of HKAC during Art X. The Tape is an installation that collects human being’s fears. The design is based on the kinetoscope - the first generation moving image projector - which depicts images and sounds that is hard to be seen. The world of fear can only be witnessed by peeping through the tiny windows of The Tape.


Date: 17 & 18 November 2018
Time: 17 November 2018 ( 2 pm - 1:30 am)
          18 November 2018 (1 pm - 6:40 pm)
Venue: Room 1001 , Eric Hotung Studio & Louis Koo Cinema, Hong Kong Arts Centre


(i) Single Ticket  
- Immersive VR Theatre ─ The Cliffs of V (HKD250) 
- Movie (HKD75) 
(ii) Package 1: One movie + One Immersive VR Theatre ─ The Cliffs of V (HKD290) 
(iii) Package 2: Two movies + One Immersive VR Theatre ─ The Cliffs of V (HKD320) 
(iv) Package 3: Two movies (HKD120)

Presenter:Hong Kong Arts Centre
In association with Consulate General of France in Hong Kong and Macau, Novembre Numérique
Partner:Creativity Is

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