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2022 Honorary Fellowship

● Ms. Ann Hui (Distinguished filmmaker)
● Mr. Chi-tak Li (Renowned comic artist)

Ann Hui

Ann Hui is one of Hong Kong's most influential filmmakers and her films have won numerous international awards. She won the Best Director Award three times at the Golden Horse Awards and an unprecedented six times at the Hong Kong Film Awards. She is known for her films which feature different genres including literary adaptations, martial arts, semi-autobiographical works, women's issues, social phenomena, political changes, and thrillers.

In 1997, Hui was awarded an MBE and made a Fellow of the Academy of Performing Arts. In 2010, she received the Hong Kong Arts Development Council's Award for Outstanding Contribution. She was honoured for her lifetime accomplishments at the 2011 Asian Film Awards. In 2014, the degree of Doctor of Social Sciences honoris causa was conferred upon her by the University of Hong Kong. In 2016, she led the jury for the 53rd Golden Horse Awards. She became the first woman director to win the Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement from the 77th Venice Film Festival in 2022.

Hui’s recent films include A Simple Life, The Golden Era, Our Time Will Come, Love After Love and Septet: The Story of Hong Kong.


Chi-tak Li

“There is no need to differentiate alternative comics from commercial comics, for the so-called ‘alternative’ is just another side of the commercial. Comics is at the same time a form of art.”

Li began his career in the comics industry in 1982. He developed a distinctive art style, creating his own visual world with eerily experimental works that broke genre rules.

Li is also well-known to the international comics scene. His comics have been published in places like Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia, Mainland China, France and Italy since the 1990s. In 2016, the Hong Kong Arts Centre jointly curated Li’s solo exhibition with the Angoulême International Comics Festival in France as one of the Festival’s thematic exhibitions. In 2017, Li was invited by the Louvre Museum to create comics Moon of the Moon. In 2019, the French version was released in Europe. Chinese version and Malaysian version were released subsequently.

Li’s transmedia creations transcend the boundary of comics and expand into movies, experimental theatres, literature, etc. Recently, the poster that he created for Hong Kong local sci-fi action movie Warriors of Future has been widely praised. His idiosyncratic style has attracted the attention and commissions from local and international brands such as Nike, Uniqlo, TamJai SamGor Mixian, Moleskine, etc.

His recent publications include Yum Sui, Kafka, A Little Strawberry, etc.

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