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2023 Honorary Fellowship

● Mr. Johnson Chang (Contemporary art curator)
● Mr. Mok Chiu Yu (Multi-media artist)
● Ms. Jessey Tsang Chui Shan (Distinguished filmmaker)

Johnson Chang Tsong Zung
He is a curator and dealer of contemporary Chinese art, was recognised for his profound impact on the art world. As a co-founder of the Asia Art Archive (AAA) and a guest professor at the China Academy of Art, Chang has played a pivotal role in promoting the development of contemporary Chinese art. The New York Times described him as "a force in contemporary Chinese art since the 1980s", and Sotheby's described him as "the godfather of contemporary Chinese art". His curatorial expertise and support for emerging artists have significantly contributed to the art scene's development.                        


Mok Chiu Yu

He is a champion of performance art, was honoured for his tireless efforts in promoting performing art in Hong Kong, especially in the Deaf arts arena. Throughout his career, he introduced Seiji Shimoda’s performances to Hong Kong in the early 1990s, staged overseas and Chinese performance artists, and organised many performing art festivals in Hong Kong. He is also a performing artist who has conducted numerous performances in Hong Kong, Korea, Taiwan, Beijing, Macau, Yangoon, Chingmai, Linz, Cologne, Basle and Hildersham. His commitment to showcasing performance art has left an indelible mark on the cultural landscape.


Jessey Tsang Tsui Shan

She is a highly talented filmmaker, was honoured for her outstanding contributions to the film industry. Tsang's compelling narratives and artistic vision have garnered critical acclaim. Her dedication to independent filmmaking and involvement in major commercial films have solidified her position as a prominent figure in the industry. Her second feature, Big Blue Lake (2012), supported by HKAC and ifva, won the Jury Special Award of the Golden Koala Chinese Film Festival, the Asian New Talent Jury Prix of the Shanghai International Film Festival and the Best New Director of the 31st Hong Kong Film Award. Notably, her groundbreaking VR piece, "Chroma 11," made history as the first VR work from Hong Kong to be showcased at the Venice Biennale. This milestone achievement further solidifies Tsang's position as a trailblazer in the industry, pushing boundaries and exploring new artistic mediums.

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