Spoken Words Music Series

Online Live Streaming; McAulay Studio, Hong Kong Arts Centre  

Music to be heard, words to be spoken.

Let there be poetry and songs. 

Launch date: 10 December 2021 

When melody meets words, could the words be striked by the sound of music that hit our heart? Following Street Music Series and House Music Series, brought to you by Hong Kong Arts Centre (HKAC), we are  thrilled to introduce the brand new crossover of music and literature -- Spoken Words Music Series (SWM). Let’s join the bards, ride on the rhythm of music, go on a journey of stories and be touched in their own words. The performance offers both live-streaming and live performance, connecting “us” from afar and enabling an engaging artful experience. Fancy to write your own piece and chant with live music? Creative writing and performance workshops will surely gather kinfolk of SWM lovers, not only to share your ideas, but also be able to be part of the creation!
Vol. 1 "Ciao!"


“Ciao” is more than a mere farewell, sometimes, it’s also a promise.

Come and join us at Spoken Words Music, to fulfill your old promises in the gathering themed “Ciao”. Beyond time and space, to be here at the gathering where we express ourselves and connect each other by music and words. Recount your friendship with your friends far away from home through the monitor that seems so close, yet so far. “Ciao!” Seeing you again, with a decent farewell to one another in return.


The first show will be performed both live and online. Purchase your live ticket to enjoy:

  • 1 Spoken Words Music Series bookshop live performance ticket
  • A place for an overseas friend or family to attend the Spoken Words Music Series Zoom experience 
  • A book from the Selected Booklist by the One Seventh Bookshops keepers (Price range from HKD$100 - $150)

Details please refer to the ticketing website, Facebook page and Instagram updates.

Performers: Chester Wong, Tree Kwok, Tsui Chin-hung

Date: 10 December 2021

Time: 8:oo - 9:00pm 

Venue: Facebook Live-streaming; One Seventh Bookstore @ Tung Nam Lou Art Hotel

Ticket price: Online live-streaming, free of charge; Live performance experience bundle HKD$240

Ticket Purchase: ART Factory 

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