Hong Kong Arts Centre Ambassador Scheme

Wanna join us? In March 2020, Hong Kong Arts Centre will carry out a long term Ambassador Scheme, we would like to invite art enthusiast to join our programme. Ambassador will provide promotion and education in the community, to share their knowledge and interesting experience in order to make art accessible to everyone!

Ambassador Scheme Program are divided into 3 different schemes, such as Community Scheme, Educational Scheme and Curatorial Scheme. According to the applicant’s interest, they can choose one (or more than one) of preferred stream:


Community Stream: Connecting with community through art and enhance the relationship in neighborhood

Job Description: Become local guide to enhance the social bonding through discovering arts within the neighborhood


Educational Stream: By using creative approach to promote art to the mass public in order to express art is accessible to everyone

Job Description: Organize preliminary work and allow participants can enjoy the workshop and review the information at the same time


Curatorial Stream: Using both academic and critical approach to share the linkage between art history and contemporary art

Job Description: Lead docent tours in exhibition with art knowledge and personal opinions


For successful applicants, Hong Kong Arts Centre will provide professional training programmes and Arts experience workshops. Besides, there will be exclusive opportunities to participate in all types of shows and exhibitions of HKAC.

For those who are interested to participate in more than one scheme, please simply fill in application forms according to the number of schemes you apply. We are looking for art lovers with certain degree of knowledge, and interested in sharing art to the public, we look forward to working with you!


Registration form:

Community Stream

Educational Stream

Curatorial Stream


The recruitment is open througout the year.
Phase I application deadline: 10 April 2020
Phase II application deadline: 31 August 2020
Phase III application deadline: April 2021 (Confirmed date will be announced soon)

What's On
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