House Music Series

Hong Kong Arts Centre Lobby / Main Entrance 
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House Music Series

Music on Air!


Date: 2018.10.12 - 2019.10.31

A continuum of the acclaimed Music Series of 7 years is transforming and way back with a new framing to dedicate for new talents to shine! House Music Series is waiting for you to fill your songs, melody, rhythm and beats, stories etc. in Hong Kong Arts Centre.

Launched in October 2018, this one-year plan will meet you guys twice a month provision of 30 minutes as a part. The format could be whatever you like such as using projector or some more interesting showcase etc.

House Music Series is the perfect platform for young musicians to explore possibilities and interact with devoted music lovers in the city. We sincerely invite you to bring along your original music pieces and share your musical ideas with our guests. As of now, just feel free to send your bio, demo, music videos and links to us, and we will be in touch. Enjoy your showcase!


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