House Music Series

Hong Kong Arts Centre Lobby / Main Entrance 
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House Music Series

Music on Air!


Start Date: 2018.10.12

Happening at different corners of Hong Kong Arts Centre once a month, House Music Series is designed to be a series of live gigs distinct with its spontaneity, breaths of freedom and intimate environment that audiences could enjoy and interact with musicians. Being celebrated as one of the long-running music series, it provides a platform to encourage crossover between musicians and to inspire them to "play out of the box".


With the emergence of online live streaming services, a lot of physical limitations have been eliminated, you can now participate in the music gig anywhere through live streaming when hectic schedule wouldn’t allow you to be physically present at the show.

Siu Yuen 楊智遠 | iii @Music On Live - House Music Series

Lillian Wong 黃浩琳 | Charlie Chan 陳可瑩 @Music On Live - House Music Series 

 CHANKA陳嘉@Music On Live - House Music Series



黎曉陽 | per se @ICH+ x Music On Live - House Music Series

Vivian Chan 陳慧敏 @ ICH+ x Music On Live - House Music Series - 音樂旅人手帳


Chor Lai X DJ Monsta Kei @ ICH+ x Music On Live - House Music Series - Nature's Heartbeat


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