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Public Art Trial Workshop - Our Impressions of Urban Plants

3/F, HKAC 
Free Registration 

Public Art Trial Workshop - Our Impressions of Urban Plants

Date: 30 March 2024

Time: 2 PM – 5 PM

Register here: https://qrco.de/bepHNt

The graceful shadows of trees dance and twirl, entwining on the windows.

We invite you to explore the city, gather fallen leaves, and join the artist Mandy Ma Wing Man in creating a landscape that reimagines urban plants and fauna. Together, in the public space of HKAC, we will engage in the art of plant printing, seamlessly blending our creations with the outside scenery. Let's leave our unique mark on the city!

Meanwhile, click here to know more about her meaningful Artist-in-Residency project at A Mind-friendly Estate Model at Cho Yiu Chuen.

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About artist:

Born in Hong Kong, Ma Wing Man obtained her Bachelor of Arts degree in Visual Arts at Hong Kong Baptist University in 2019 and participated in an exchange programme at Zurich University of the Arts, Switzerland, in 2018. Ma is interested in creating space and experience to explore the fluidity of her works with people, often involving the participation of the audience. Knitting is one of her major mediums. By collecting, dismantling and reconstructing found objects, her works attempt to transform the relationship between objects and people and strengthen interpersonal connections. In recent years, she has begun her real-time exchanges through conversations between body and material to review the relationship between herself and the surroundings through performance.

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