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Hong Kong Arts Centre Ambassador Scheme 2023

Hong Kong Arts Centre Ambassador Scheme aims to build a team of professional and enthusiastic volunteers to provide high-quality guided tours and support for art programmes, with the goal of increasing audience's understanding and appreciation of arts, and to provide them with a fruitful and exciting art experience.


By participating in the scheme, the ambassadors will gain rich art knowledge, with the opportunities to demonstrate their enthusiasm and professional abilities, creating unique and meaningful art experiences with other art lovers.


The ambassadors will acquire professional training in art knowledge, docent skills and artful thinking, covering modern and contemporary arts. The course will enrich the ambassador's appreciation of arts and enable them to deliver in-depth artistic interpretation to the audience. Cultivating a team of volunteers with art knowledge and unique visions, the scheme encourages ambassadors to share their artistic insights and experiences, stimulate creative thinking, and build long-term artistic networks.


Ambassadors’ Benefits

  • Artistic Exchange: Participate in various public and private events organized by Hong Kong Arts Centre, with opportunities to interact with artists, curators, and creative teams.
  • Knowledge & Practical Experience: Attend a series of learning sessions that cover art knowledge, creative thinking and docent skills, enhancing self-confidence and practical experience. Ambassadors who have completed the scheme will be awarded a certificate by the Hong Kong Arts Centre as a commendation.
  • Unique Cultural Experience: Acquire priority or exclusive participation in various cultural experiences, with complimentary or discounted tickets for selected programmes.
  • Networking: Have a co-learning platform for art lovers to discuss and share experiences, stimulate inspirations and broaden horizons.


Ambassadors’ Responsibilities

  • Professional Performance: Demonstrate a quality image and attitude in the assigned roles, with a precise, friendly and engaging communication.
  • Responsibility & Commitment: Fulfil the committed timetable and participation, including training sessions, guided tours, programme support, community participation, etc.
  • Teamwork: Participate actively in group discussions, share ideas and collaborate in problem-solving, co-creating meaningful artistic experiences together.


For interested parties, please sign up below and our team will conduct selection procedures in June 2023.

Application Form

Application is now open until 10 June 2023. 




Phase 1: Recruitment (May)

  • Open recruitment and application from volunteers with passion and interest in arts.

Phase 2: Selection (June)

  • Preliminary Selection & Group Interview: The team will conduct a preliminary selection and shortlisted candidates will be invited to an interview. The interview will cover the applicants' previous cultural participation experiences, with their observations, discoveries, and reflections. 
  • The applicants' background, interest and availability will be assessed.
  • Group Interview: 23 June (Friday), 24 June (Saturday), 26 June (Monday)

Phase 3: Training (July to August)

  • Selected participants will attend a series of learning sessions, which cover art knowledge, creative thinking and docent skills, etc.
  • The workshops will be conducted by professional art practitioners, sharing their experiences and insights.
  • Briefing Session: 15 July (Saturday) - Morning
  • Training Session: 22 July (Saturday) & 23 July (Sunday) - Full Day

Phase 4: Practice

  • Participants who have completed the training will serve as docents or crews in the exhibitions, performances or events by Hong Kong Arts Centre, participating in programme planning and production.
  • Ambassadors will enjoy priority participation in various art programmes, including artist meetups, exhibitions, performances and workshops.


Training Overview:

  • Art Knowledge: Exploring the role and development of arts in sociocultural contexts from different histories and genres, the ambassadors will learn to appreciate, interpret and express their viewpoints of artworks, enhancing their creative and critical thinking as an insightful audience.
  • Artful Thinking: The scheme offers training in artful thinking to stimulate the creativity and imagination of ambassadors. We will explore different art forms and expressions, encourage challenges to conventional beliefs, and the discovery of new artistic perspectives. Inspiring creative abilities, the training enables ambassadors to deliver their unique and novel perspectives and experiences in art projects.
  • Docent Skills: With the approaches to deliver an incredible guided tour, the ambassadors will learn to guide art appreciation, connecting with the audience in an interactive and engaging way.

What's On
4/F, Hong Kong Arts Centre  
2022.05.25 - 2027.05.27
Public Arts
Cho Yiu Chuen 
2022.11.01 - 2024.11.30
Public Arts
Cho Yiu Chuen 
2022.11.01 - 2024.11.30