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Cultural Masseur: Dragonix Multi-Arts Festival

 Co-curated with cross-disciplinary artists from Hong Kong, Asia and Europe, the events span across performing arts, installation exhibition, urban exploration, and “chill chats” on arts and artistic creation. The festival is taking the contemporary art experience to the theatre and beyond, traversing the city’s old and unknown corners, a hustling and bustling mall, the harbourfront of lost times, a restaurant, virtual living spaces and the no-trespass zone at the HKAC. The programmes seek to catalyse cross-media creation, foster human interaction, challenge and open up the senses, and reveal the fascinating dynamics between the arts and our day-to-day existence. Both paid and free events are available and full details can be found at www.culturalmasseur.hk.
Supported by the Springboard Grant under the Arts Capacity Development Funding Scheme of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and sponsored by Hysan Development Company Limited, Cultural Masseur is a 1.5-year arts and cultural programme presented by the Hong Kong Arts Centre. Body massage stimulates circulation, and massage of the mind stimulates the circulation of ideas, particularly creative ones. The Dragonix Multi-Arts Festival is the final stage of the Cultural Masseur programme.
The Dragonix Multi-Arts Festival consists of 12 programmes in 4 series: 【Theatre+Exhibition】, 【Site-specific Performance】, 【Thematic Walk】 and 【Chill Chat】. 

What's On
4/F, Hong Kong Arts Centre  
2022.05.25 - 2027.05.27
Public Arts
2022.11.01 - 2024.11.30
Public Arts
Cho Yiu Chuen 
2022.11.01 - 2024.11.30