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(March 2024 Vol.29)  

Chairperson's Voice

Riding the Waves: Working Together to Promote Art in Hong Kong


Dominica Yang, the chairperson of the Board of Governors of the Hong Kong Arts Centre (HKAC), will soon be stepping down from her position. In this issue, we invited her to share her six-year journey as chairperson and her vision for the future of HKAC.


A - Hong Kong Arts Centre

D - Dominica Yang


A - How did you first become familiar with HKAC?


D - Growing up, even from a young age, I was encouraged by my parents to appreciate art and culture. I participated in different activities and was exposed to different art forms. When HKAC was first established, I was already studying abroad, but upon my return to Hong Kong, I visited HKAC frequently for exhibitions and performances. It was the art institution for our community. When my predecessor invited me to join the Board of Governors, I was delighted with the opportunity to develop a deeper connection with HKAC, the local art scene and our community.


A - What challenges have you faced as chairperson?


D - Like many other art institutions, HKAC has had to face many challenges during the current global economic downturn. Many art events and performances were cancelled during the pandemic, so we learnt to adapt and operate effectively under constantly changing circumstances. Furthermore, the local art scene has been growing and evolving rapidly in recent years, with an increasing number of international art exhibitions and institutions establishing a presence in Hong Kong. It was time and necessary to re-evaluate our position in the evolving landscape. And it is through these challenges that we continue to grow.


A - You once collaborated with HKAC to publish the cookbook ‘Mum’s Kitchen – Back to Basics’. How would you describe that experience?


D – ‘Mum's Kitchen – Back to Basics’ is my fourth cookbook. For me, cooking has always been a way of sharing and giving with family and friends, creating an intimate connection. I want to share this with my readers. This collaboration with the comic artist has been a new and unique experience, as it gave me the privilege to work with a local talent and share my story in a different art form.


A - What are your expectations for the future of HKAC?


D - HKAC has been a platform for supporting local artists, honouring a long-standing commitment to promoting art in Hong Kong. HKAC will continue to thrive by strengthening its efforts in nurturing and enabling artists to showcase their talents locally and internationally. HKAC shall continue to be the arts centre for our community and beyond.


A - Is there anything you want to say to your HKAC colleagues?


D - I would like to thank all our colleagues and the board and committee members for their dedication, vision, and hard work. HKAC would not be what it is today without the contribution of each and every one of us involved. I hope we will continue to strive and regard HKAC as a collective entity, working together to enhance art development and education in Hong Kong.