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Art has the power to change lives. Hong Kong Arts Centre is dedicated to bringing art into the lives of the public, and the art publication Artslink has connected numerous art enthusiasts for years. This season, however, will mark the final print edition of the magazine. Moving forward, we will adapt to cultural trends and embrace the digital era, providing richer and more exciting art news on various online platforms as a gesture of gratitude for our readers' loyal support.


In Art March, we successfully organised Open Day, 29th ifva short film screenings and media arts exhibitions, "CREATORS FOR TOMORROW" joint exhibition, and collaborated with Art Basel. These events fostered various local and international art influences within the community, allowing the public to experience the limitless possibilities of art.


Late spring in April, we continued to connect with the international art scene by presenting the highly acclaimed "Yokai Parade" exhibition hosted by The Japan Foundation. This exhibition showcased Japan's rich and colorful yokai culture. In a further breakthrough, we curated "One Hundred Tales: Stories of Hong Kong Yokai", presenting a creative reinterpretation of local urban legends by the Hong Kong art collective WE ARE THE PIGS. The extended exhibition included a screening of the film "Wicked Cities" followed by post-screening discussions, a LARP game, and three workshops, all themed around yokai. These activities offered the public multiple perspectives on the charm of urban legends and promoted the exchange of diverse artistic cultures.


This summer, we invite you to look forward to our upcoming event—the ICH+ Festival. This event supports precious intangible cultural heritage artists on a global exchange platform, promoting and revitalising local traditional crafts and customs. The public is encouraged to learn about Hong Kong’s long-standing traditions through workshops and various experiences, including Guangcai Making, Paper Cutting, Blown Sugar, Steamer Making, Dough Figurine Crafting, and Galvanised Iron Making.


Moving forward, we will continue to tirelessly support the development of Hong Kong art, allowing it to take root locally, nurturing a broader audience, and passing on Hong Kong’s innovative spirit. Stay tuned!


Rebecca Ip

Executive Director, Hong Kong Arts Centre