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(March 2024 Vol.29)  

Marching into Art March: Exploring the Infinite Possibilities of Art

Marching into Art March: Exploring the Infinite Possibilities of Art

Text: Caily Mak (Hong Kong Arts Centre cross-disciplinary programme Cultural Masseur apprentice)

Every year in March, we welcome the highly anticipated Hong Kong Arts Month. In this grand art event, the Hong Kong Arts Centre (HKAC) will present delicately curated art programmes to the public, encouraging everyone to explore the infinite possibilities of art.


ifva Festival: Showcasing the Unique Aesthetics of Asian Creative Talents

Founded by HKAC in 1995, ifva has provided a professional platform for Hong Kong and Asian creative talent to exchange and promote their works. The annual competition, art festival, and extended programmes have helped ifva establish itself as Asia's pioneering force in short film, animation, and media arts. This year marks the 29th edition of the ifva Festival, which will be held from 24 February to 17 March. HKAC will present a series of screenings, exhibitions, and sharing sessions featuring outstanding works from different Asian countries and regions. How do the new generation of creators explore the possibilities of media and express their unique creativity and aesthetics? This festival will broaden the audience's understanding of moving images, providing an eye-opening experience for everyone.


CREATORS FOR TOMORROW Group Exhibition: Witnessing the Growth of New Generation Artists

In 2020, HKAC launched the CREATORS FOR TOMORROW scheme to provide practical experiences through programme planning, creation, and execution. Since then, it has successfully assisted numerous artists in launching their professional careers, infusing new energy into the art scene. This year, HKAC will collaborate with the past awardees to hold a group exhibition titled ‘To Morrow and Beyond’ at the Pao's Galleries from 15 to 31 March. This exhibition aims to enhance the exposure of these local artists and foster knowledge exchange among the participants. By visiting this meaningful exhibition, audiences will grasp the latest trends in art and witness the remarkable growth of emerging talents in the art scene.


Art Basel Cultural Partner: Showcasing HKAC’s Achievements to the World

Art Basel is a renowned international art fair that gathers galleries and art institutions worldwide. As the cultural partner of the art fair since its debut in Hong Kong in 2013, HKAC will also participate in it this year. During the exhibition period from 28 to 30 March, HKAC and its educational arm, the Hong Kong Art School, will showcase their achievements in art promotion and education, spreading the vision of "Art for Passion, Art for Life, Art for All" to local and international visitors. In addition, visitors will have the opportunity to experience a virtual art exhibition by the Hong Kong Art School with VR headsets. Our Junior Docent will also provide interactive tours that give visitors a unique window into the Cultural Partners exhibits.


Hong Kong Arts Centre Open House: An Art Journey Full of Surprises

To infuse art into everyday life, HKAC organises the Open House each year, where people can indulge in interdisciplinary performances as well as visual, music, and film arts. This year, the signature event will return with the theme ‘Imagining Life, Appreciating Art’ and take place on 30 March at the HKAC building. In collaboration with various arts and cultural organisations, HKAC will present a series of exhibitions, performances, film screenings, workshops, and experiential activities. Examples include the Yuen Tai Yung Movie Poster Exhibition by HKAC, the ‘Culture Masseur- Art x Internet Literature: Goddess’ performance co-presented by Reframe Theatre and HKAC, the ‘The Doctor’ performance by the Hong Kong Repertory Theatre, and the ‘Kai Schiemenz –Clear Heights’ exhibition co-presented by the Goethe-Institut Hong Kong and Eigen&Art. In this one-day event, we hope to provide visitors with a rich and diverse artistic journey, marking a fulfilling conclusion to Arts Month.

As a diverse and creative arts institution, the Hong Kong Arts Centre will present a colourful art feast in the bustling Arts Month. Please stay tuned.