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Interactive Installation: A pallet that cannot carry contradictions

Venue: Hong Kong Arts Centre Main Entrance 
Date: 2019.11.16
Time: 20:00 - 01:00 
Price: Free Admission 
When a pair of leather shoes is fitted with metal, it becomes a pair of tap dance shoes; when microphones are installed on a wooden pallet, wouldn’t it become a musical instrument?

Specialised in multimedia art installations and sound sculpture, Cheuk Wing Nam attempts to redefine the relations between sound, objects, and the environment by putting disposed wooden pallets and low-frequency hammerings of machines together. How will you see your surroundings when things stop working the way they used to be? In a world full of conflict and segregation, one could not help but be amused by the inconsistency and fluidity of imagination.


This event is part of the programme of the “Late Night Series - Art X” that will bring all walks of life together and light up your soul with a wide range of artworks. This upcoming November, with the theme of “Art X Fantasy”, let us put aside our grievances while embracing our own emotions in tranquillity. For more information, please refer to the project website.

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