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Late Night Series — Art X Fantasy

Venue: Hong Kong Arts Centre 
Date: 2019.11.16
Time: 13:00 - 1:00 
Everlasting anxiety. A moment of peace seems unprecedentedly luxurious. Perhaps we would ask ourselves, where could we find an escape from the reality that suffocates us? Although we might not be able to find any way to discharge our burden, we could still try to seek a moment of peace for ourselves and embrace our own emotions. 


13:00 / 15:30 / 19:00 / 21:30   Immersive Theatre - Game of Life II  delves into the struggles in the lives of the Post-90s generation

13:00   French New Wave, 60th Anniversary – Images of French New Wave by Raymond Cauchetier* highlights the symbolic, energetic and experimental era of the French film’s movement in 1950-60s

14:00   Flower Crown Workshop create your own unique flower crown with silk flowers and preserved flowers

17:00 / 20:15   Once in a Blue Moon - Experimental Images by Ko I-Cheng presents you the experimental romantic film, Blue Moon, by director Ko I-Cheng, a key figure of the New Taiwanese Cinema. Whereas the audience is able to choose their preferred cut in the screening

20:00   Two interactive installations, A pallet that cannot carry contradictions & Rusaban*, allow you to have a crushing experience with your own fear

20:00   Snacks & Mocktail Bar awaits those who wish to have a drink in the autumn leaves at HKAC’s main entrance

20:00   Kinetic art: Papercutting workshop – when the traditional meets the contemporary introduces the clash between traditional handicrafts and contemporary aesthetics while unleashing the inherent power of art

21:30   Blown Sugar Art: Blown Sugar Workshop - Chinese Craft, participants are free to express their creativity by making blown sugar

23:00   House Music LAB*, guest curator Mike Orange and other artists are ready to launch an unconstraint music experiment

*Programmes are free of charge

For individual programme details, please refer to each programme’s website.


On an autumn night, the Hong Kong Arts Center offers you 5 sets of “Arts Mocktail”, where you will taste different artworks with mixed emotions. Let’s put aside our grievances for a while and free our heart.

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【Late Night Series Art X Fantasy】16.11.2019 Event arrangement updates

In view of the current social condition, the safety of the Hong Kong Arts Centre’s audience is our Centre’s top priority. Hence, the event, "Late Night Series: Art X Fantasy" scheduled on 16 November 2019 from 1 pm to 1 am will have to be cancelled. We ask for your kind understanding and sincerely apologise for any inconveniences that this might cause.

Below are the updates on individual programmes to held on 16.11.2019 (Saturday)

Flower Crown Workshop (To be held as scheduled at 14:00)
Immersive Theatre - Game of Life II (Performances at 13:00, 15:30 and 19:00 to be held as scheduled; Performance at 21:30 will be cancelled)
Once in a Blue Moon - Experimental Images by Ko I-Cheng (All screenings to be held as scheduled at 17:00 and 20:15)

For safety reasons, there will NOT be any snacks and mocktail bar, audience members who have purchased packages of the "Late Night Series - Art X Fantasy" are entitled to a refund or a change of respective programmes’ timeslots (if applicable).

You can reach us at cho@hkac.org.hk or dchiu@hkac.org.hk for any enquires. Thank you!

Bittersweet Symphony -

>II Pause - Can’t you feel the freedom tonight?




# Immersive Theatre

# Snacks & Mocktail Bar

# HKD 256

Cherry Blossom -

Pouring sweetness in your blossoming soul



# Kinetic Art Workshop or

# Blown Sugar Art Workshop

# Snacks & Mocktail Bar

# HKD 176

Blue Shoe -

Shower in the romance and mystery of the blue moon




# Blue Moon

# Snacks & Mocktail Bar

# HKD 144

The Click -

Runoff with your crush



# Blue Moon

# Director Cut & Audience Choice

# Snacks & Mocktail Bar

# HKD 160

Autumn Fever -

Autumn leaves drift



# Immersive Theatre

# Blue Moon

# Snacks & Mocktail Bar

#HKD 320

The Hong Kong Arts Centre reserves the right to change the programmes should unavoidable circumstances make it necessary.
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