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【 Hong Kong Arts Centre】 New Art Experience
Innovative VR Theatre│Renowned thriller movies│Music
17-18/11/2018 @ Hong Kong Arts Centre
In association with:
Consulate General of France in Hong Kong and Macau and Novembre Numérique
Tickets available NOW

Proudly presented by the Hong Kong Arts Centre, Late Night Series – Art X is another new art experience after Cultural Masseur Dragonix Multi-Arts Festival. At the midnight, it is the time which imagination grows. Come join with the Hong Kong Arts Centre on the bi-annual special night program Art X, which offers new and unique cross-disciplines art experiences for visitors of all ages with performances, film screenings and special programs.

This November, the night of Art X Fear will bring you to the world of fear with one of the French VR production mixing performance and virtual theatre, The Cliffs of V. You are invited to share the life of a prisoner: Are you willing to trade your eyes for years of freedom?

Aside from the visceral excitement of the multi-dimensional and innovative VR experience, Art X Fear also presents two renowned horror films to get into our audience’s skin, and plunge into great psychological unknowns. French classic Eyes Without a Face, directed by Georges Franju, is one of the most important psychological thrillers in French cinema. Directed by Hong Kong director Peter Yung Wai-chuen, Life After Life  再生人 is considered by many as one of the scariest 1980s horror classics up to this day (Please refer to the details of the films below). With moody live music flowing around the lobby of the Hong Kong Arts Centre, the exploration of inner fear would be extended from the screen to reality.

In the night full of fear, anxiety and phobia in the centre, will you dare break through your own comfort zone for chances?

Following an overwhelming public response at the ifva Carnival, the new media art piece The Tape will return to the main entrance of HKAC during Art X. The Tape is an installation that collects human being’s fears. The design is based on the kinetoscope - the first generation moving image projector - which depicts images and sounds that is hard to be seen. The world of fear can only be witnessed by peeping through the tiny windows of The Tape.

Immersive VR Theatre - The Cliffs of V
In an unknown time and space, facing an organ shortage crisis, the government offers sentence remission to long-term prisoners in exchanging of a part of their bodies – and you are the prisoner waiting for the trade. The Cliffs of V is written by French famous playwright – Laurent Bazin. In recent years, he tried to bring in innovative technology to theatre, and blur the lines between real and virtual by immersive stage design, including live performance and VR film. You will get across several spaces and experience both “physical” and “emotional” changes.

Date & time: 17-18 Nov, 1 hour per session
Venue: Room 1001 & Eric Hotung Studio, Hong Kong Arts Centre
The event is in collaboration with Gengiskhan Production.
Media is welcomed to interview the French crew "The Cliffs of V" and discover the immersive VR experience on November 15th and 16th (Thursday and Friday).

Moving Images: Classic Thriller Movies
Eyes Without a Face
Director: Georges Franju
France | 1960 | 88 mins | In French with English subtitles | DCP | B&W

To recover the face of his daughter who has been disfigured by a car crash, a plastic surgeon removes the face of a young student to replace her daughter’s. Although the surgery has failed and the student has died, he keeps looking for the next victim…

Screening date & time: 17/11/2018 (Sat) 21:30
Venue: Louis Koo Cinema, Hong Kong Arts Centre

Life After Life再生人
Director: Peter Yung
Hong Kong | 1981 | 80 mins | In Cantonese with English and Chinese subtitles | D-Beta | Colour

The story is inspired by folk religions and the concept of reincarnation, and tells a series of mysterious events that have happened to a fashion show organiser – as he uses puppets for display at the show, he accidentally discovers a murder that has happened years ago.

Screening date & time: 18/11/2018 (Sun) 00:00
Venue: Louis Koo Cinema, Hong Kong Arts Centre

Ticketing informationTickets are now available at art-mate.net

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Immersive VR Theatre ─ The Cliffs of V



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Two movies + One Immersive VR Theatre ─ The Cliffs of V


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Ticketing: https://bit.ly/2Cz4vNB
More info: https://hkac.org.hk/programme_detail/?u=XDfEh0bg7xo

New media art workThe Tape
When you gaze at fear, fear gazes back at you. Created by Lo Wai-lun Alan and Ng Kai-chung Tommy, The Tape is an installation that collects human being’s fears. The design is based on the kinetoscope - the first generation moving image projector - which depicts images and sounds that is hard to be seen. The world of fear can only be witnessed by peeping through the tiny windows of The Tape.

Date: 17-18/11/2018
Time: To be confirmed 
Venue: Main Entrance, Hong Kong Arts Centre
Free online registration will be available at Art-mate.net  

Consulate General of France in Hong Kong and Macau
Headed by Consul General Alexandre Giorgini, the Consulate General of France in Hong Kong and Macau administers the French community in Hong Kong and Macau and has the mission to serve and protect the interests of French citizens. It also delivers visas to nationals of other countries willing to travel to France. Under the authority of the French Ambassador in Beijing, the Consul General is in charge of coordinating and furthering the development of political, cultural and economic relations between France and both Hong Kong and Macau.

As part of its actions for promoting French culture and arts, the Department of Culture, Education and Science (SCAC) provides information, advice and support on the development of culture and art-related projects. Bringing together French and local organisations is one of the principal missions of SCAC. It particularly encourages projects leading to long-term exchange programmes (teachers, students, artists, authors), co-production or training programmes in or with France.

Novembre Numérique/ Digital November - One month to discover French digital creation
The Institut Français, the French agency in charge of implementing France’s cultural action abroad has initiated the annual worldwide campaign, Novembre Numérique. Each year, November will be dedicated to showing the fascinating diversity of the French digital culture in every part of the world.

Digital November is an invitation to discover the latest French technology, its usage, content production and stakeholders in the digital world through a series of events put together by local partners and coordinated by the Consulate General of France in Hong Kong and Macau. It focuses on the three main sectors: i) Creative and cultural industry, ii) Sciences, research and technology, iii) Digital French learning

The programme will take place from 26 October to 4 December 2018 with the support of local partners such as Hong Kong Arts Centre, Microwave International New Media Arts Festival, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Alliance Française Hong Kong and French Tech Hong Kong.

Digital November is open to the general public, professionals in the digital art and cultural industry, tech industry stakeholders, students, French learners and teachers, and to those interested in knowing more about French digital culture.

Hong Kong Arts Centre - The relevant destination for arts and creative inspirations in Hong Kong
HKAC is a multi-arts centre that fosters artistic exchanges locally and internationally, bringing the most forward creations to Hong Kong and showcasing homegrown talents abroad. HKAC stimulates innovation and promotes creativity. Being Hong Kong’s only independent non-profit multi-arts institution, HKAC offers exhibitions, screenings and performances, connecting the arts of Hong Kong to the rest of the world through programmes and collaborations. Come to HKAC to experience, appreciate, learn and be inspired by arts.
Official website: hkac.org.hk | Facebook: Hong Kong Arts Centre | Instagram: @hongkongartscentre


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