FEVER Hong Kong and France Comics Creation Exchange Programme @ Hong Kong

Date: 2020.05.15 - 2021.01.23

Organiser: Hong Kong Arts Centre (Comix Home Base)

Sponsor: Create Hong Kong of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region

Supporter: Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office in Brussels

In Association with: Hong Kong Comics & Animation Federation, Hong Kong Digital Entertainment Association, Angoulême International Comics Festival


  FEVER @ The 47th Angoulême International Comics Festival  Event Snap: Press here   

Participating Hong Kong Comics Artists (France and Hong Kong Stops)

  • Kwong-shing LAU
  • Chi-tak LI

 Participating Hong Kong Emerging Comics Artist (France and Hong Kong Stops)

  • Bonnie PANG

 Participating Hong Kong Comics Professionals (France and Hong Kong Stops)

  • Carman CHU (Editor of Extraordinary Publishing Company)
  • Patty (Co-founder of Quire Limited)

 Participating Overseas Comics Professionals (Hong Kong Stop)

  • Alex CHAUVEL (Co-founder of Éditions Polystyrène, France)
  • Frédéric FOURREAU (Editorial Director of Patayo Éditions, France)
  • Nicolas GALIANO (Editorial Director of Éditions Chattochatto, France) 
  • Daniel PELLEGRINO (Co-founder of Éditions Atrabile, Switzerland)
  • David SCHILTER (Founder of kuš!, Latvia)
  FEVER   Hong Kong and France Comics Creation Exchange Programme @ Hong Kong  

Light the creativity on fire, heat up the comics FEVER!

What support the comics artists’ continuous works is their passion, their feverish passion. The unlimited desire for creation in their brains contributes to titles after titles of great stories that make readers themselves burn with passion too.

Under the theme “FEVER”, the project spreads the burning hot feverish passion of Hong Kong comics artists to inspire more like-minded souls. After the exchange programme’s first phase showcase in Angoulême International Comics Festival in France earlier this year, HKAC passes the flame of passion back to Hong Kong and heats up this winter of comics.

Kick-starting the second phase is the Comics Master Class tailored for up-and-coming comics artists. Instructed by local professionals in the comics industry, the course equips the participants with skills and techniques to create comics, igniting a fresh new blaze in Hong Kong comics.

The sharing talk by Hong Kong comics artists and professionals brings you the stories of their earlier visit to the 47th Angoulême International Comics Festival.

Further fuelling the feverish flame of passion, a series of exchange programmes – drawing demonstrations, talks by comics professionals, comics publishing matching session, talk on intellectual property rights and licensing and more – will be held online and offline in a 2-day event in December, providing the glowing Hong Kong comics artists with local and overseas publishing opportunities, spreading the passion of Hong Kong comics artists all around the world.


  Online-offline FEVER Comics Events  


 2020.11.23 - 2021.1.17    Comics Master Class Participants' Works Showcase


 2020.12.7-20    "Don't Tell Anyone" Online-participatory Comics Creations


 2020.12.12 (Sat)    Hong Kong Comics Artists And Professionals Sharing Talk


2020.12.19 (Sat)     2020.12.20 (Sun)
15:00  "Don't Tell Anyone" Online Release
Streaming of Creations Making-of
16:30 YANAI Drawing Demonstration     16:30
17:30     18:00


 Deadline of the Open-call: 2020.12.31 (Thur)
 Comics Publishing Matching Session





  “Don't Tell Anyone” Online Participatory Comics Creations  

Dates: 2020.12.7-20

 Instagram Stories @comixhomebase

“Don’t Tell Anyone” Online Participatory Comics Creations
It’s YOU to decide how their stories go – participate in the comics creations of Kwong-shing Lau, Chi-tak Li and Yanai.
Three Hong Kong comics artists will create three short comics stories from the same ending line “Don’t Tell Anyone”.
They have asked you 60 questions to trace back the plot of their stories. At the end, each of them will pick 20 answers to create their own version of the story.
From 7th to 12th Dec, stay tuned to the Instagram Stories of Comix Home Base (@comixhomebase) and vote for your most favourable comics story developments! 





  “Don’t Tell Anyone” — The big reveal the three comics stories! 

Dates: 2020.12.19-20

After days of online polling to determine the story developments, the three comics stories have almost come to an end.

This is the time we witness how the stories finish. Don’t miss out the live stream on the online-participatory comics creations– “Don’t Tell Anyone” the big reveal.

The three participating Hong Kong comics artists, Kwong-shing Lau, Chi-tak Li and Yanai, will reveal the final parts of the comics stories live online.

How will their stories lead to the ending line “Don’t Tell Anyone”? Stay tuned to the Facebook Live event on 19th and 20th Dec on @hkcomicsatangouleme!


“Don’t Tell Anyone” Online Release

Streaming of Creations Making-of

Comics artists: Kwong-shing LAU, Chi-tak LI, YANAI

Date: 2020.12.19 (Sat)

Time: 1500-1600

 Facebook Online Streaming @hkcomicsatangouleme


Hong Kong Comics Artists Drawing Demonstrations

Comics artist: YANAI

Date: 2020.12.19 (Sat)

Time: 1600-1700




Comics artist: Kwong-shing LAU

Date: 2020.12.20 (Sun)

Time: 1500-1600




Comics artist: Chi-tak LI

Date: 2020.12.20 (Sun)

Time: 1800-1900

 Facebook Online Live Streaming @hkcomicsatangouleme







  Hong Kong Comics Artists and Professionals Sharing Talk  
Angoulême International Comics Festival exchange sharing by Hong Kong comics practitioners

Date: 2020.12.12 (Sat)
Time: 2000-2200
Hong Kong Comics Artists: Kwong-shing LAU, Chi-tak LI, Bonnie PANG, YANAI
Hong Kong Comics Professionals: Representative of Extraordinary Publishing Company, Representative of Quire Limited

Conducted in Cantonese
 Facebook Online Live Streaming @hkcomicsatangouleme
Details:   Press Here  





  Overseas Comics Professional Sharing Talk 1   

Date: 2020.12.19 (Sat)

Time: 1730-1900

Speaker: David SCHILTER (Founder of kuš!, Latvia)

Conducted in English with Cantonese interpretation

 Facebook Online Live Streaming @hkcomicsatangouleme 


Speaker's Biography


Founder of kuš!, Latvia

David Schilter grew up in Switzerland and after finishing his Law studies he moved to Latvia. He is the co-founder of the Riga-based comics publishing outfit kuš! Since 2007, kuš! has published over 150 titles with comics artists all around the world. Aside from publishing, kuš! organises workshops, exhibitions, residencies, artist talks and other comics related events, with the aim to spread more artistic expressions of the medium. David Schilter has worked as editor, curator and organiser for kuš! ever since and has been representing the Latvian comics scene at international comics festivals and art book fairs.



 @kushkomikss |  @kushkomikss | @kushkomikss |  komikss.lv

kuš! (speak koosh!) is an alternative comics publisher founded in 2007 in Riga, Latvia. All publications since 2008 are published in English with international artists, distributed to comics shops around the globe. The aims of kuš! are to popularise comics in a country where this medium is practically non-existent and promoting Latvian comics abroad. In 2012, the š! anthology won the Prix de la Bande Dessinée Alternative at Angouleme International Comics Festival in France, and in 2017 and 2020 š! was nominated as Best Anthology for the Eisner Awards in United States. kuš! does not just publish comics on paper, but also organises exhibitions, residencies, workshops, comics jams and other comics related events besides traveling to international festivals to spread the Latvian comics fever.






  Overseas Comics Professional Sharing Talk 2   

Date: 2020.12.19 (Sat)

Time: 1930-2100


Alex CHAUVEL (Co-founder of Éditions Polystyrène, France)
Pedro STOICHITA (Comics Artist, Creator of Le Tresor Mathématique de Polybius)

Conducted in French with Cantonese interpretation

 Facebook Online Streaming @hkcomicsatangouleme 


Speaker's Biography


Co-founder of Éditions Polystyrène, France

 @alex.chauvel |  alexchauvel.com

Co-founder of French publishing house Éditions Polystyrène, Alex is also a comics artist.

He studied History and Philosophy at the Lycée Pierre de Fermat in Toulouse and Arts and Comics at the European School of Visual Arts in Angoulême. He moved to Berlin in 2013 and worked for the comic-publisher Reprodukt.

He loves to explore different form of presentation of comics.

His works include: Alcide (2011), Thomas et Manon (2015), Les profondeurs (2019), Retour à Movieland (2020), etc



Éditions Polystyrène

 @edpolystyrene |  @ed.polystyrene | @ed_polystyrene |  editionspolystyrene.fr

Éditions Polystyrène is a French publishing house established by Alex Chauvel and friends from the European School of Visual Arts in Angoulême in 2010. Éditions Polystyrène aims at redefining the format of comics books by publishing “books” that unfold, in the form of a poster, of mixed-media, etc. All these formats are related to the themes and contents of the comics themselves. From adventure stories to more personal books, Éditions Polystyrène try to make room for all genres.

Éditions Polystyrène created and published comics books so as to experiment offer readers new ways to read comics, experiences beyond simply flipping pages.


Comics Artist, Creator of Le Tresor Mathématique de Polybius

 @pedrostoichita.net  pedrostoichita.net

Pedro Stoichita lives and works as an illustrator and comics artist in Berlin. His works have been shown in several national and international exhibitions.

He studied Visual Communication at the The Weißensee Academy of Art Berlin and Philosophy at the Humboldt University. He is now a lecturer at the Graduate School of Berlin University of the Arts.

He has published Le secret mathématique de Polybius and La Fuite with Éditions Polystyrène.


Le secret mathématique de Polybius

Le secret mathématique de Polybius (liberal: Polybius’ Mathematical Treasure) presents itself as a treasure box capable of generating comic strips, a combinatorial comic book allowing up to 10,000 sequences.

It borrows as much from Oulipo, Oubapo and Marc-Antoine Mathieu as from Baruch Spinoza and Dutch Golden Age painting. For each notebook, you choose a random image to set the story in motion. The characters and objects evolve, the drawings change, and the stories are told.

Some stories are funny, others fantastic or even horrifying. All of them revolve around a mystery, which can be solved by delving deeper and deeper into the illustrations.

Each page presents a variation of the same room, setting the stage for the narratives to evolve behind closed doors and the sneak-peeking reader to observe slices of life of unknown persons.

As the reading unfolds, reader discover the motives of certain characters. But the power of Le secret mathématique de Polybius lies in the fact that while each reading brings its share of answers, it also brings a set of new questions. Questions that may find their answer through the next reading, and so on and so forth.





  Intellectual Property Rights and Licensing Talk  

Date: 2020.12.20 (Sun)


Speaker: Noletta CHIU (Co-founder and Executive Director of Medialink Group Limited)

Conducted in Cantonese

 Facebook Online Live Streaming @hkcomicsatangouleme 


How to stand out from the market, engage for collaboration opportunities and bring your comics and animation works into people's everyday life? Learn more about intellectual property rights and licensing so to take your creations to a wider audience.

With 19 years of experience in media distribution and brand licensing business, Medialink Group Limited focuses on distribution of animations, TV dramas and films such as Cardcaptor Sakura and Gin Tama across Mainland China, Japan and South East Asia. Multiple businesses in the Asia-Pacific region have also liaised with Medialilnk Group Limited in product licensing (e.g. toy, clothing and catering etc.), large-scale entertainment licensing (e.g. event, amusement park, shopping mall etc.) and promotion rights. Collaborated brands include Garfield, The Little Prince, Transformers. Medialink Group Limited also invites Hong Kong creators to collaborate with renowned international comics and animations brands as to promote local creativity.

Noletta’s LICENSING 101 talk will include introduction of sale skills, marketing strategies and license approvals. Further with her expertise in promoting and licensing in the industry, this is certainly the essential guide for emerging creators to draw attentions for their works.


Speaker's Biography


Noletta CHIU
Co-founder and Executive Director of Medialink Group Limited

Joined Medialink Group in 2000. Noletta was promoted as the Managing Director - Brand Acquisition and Licensing in 2019. In addition, she holds the position of Director in MEL, MFE, MAIL, Medialink (Shanghai) Co., Limited, Medialink Brand Management Pte Limited, Medialink Licensing Holdings Limited, Whateversmiles Limited and Whateversmiles, which are wholly-owned subsidiaries of the Group. She is responsible for supervising and providing strategic advice on the Brand Licensing Business.

Noletta began her career as a production assistant. She subsequently focused on film distribution and video shooting and secured distribution rights to films.

Noletta graduated with a bachelor of arts degree (major in cinema and photography) from Southern Illinois University in United States in 1992 for which she was entered onto the Dean’s list.


Medialink Group

 @medialinkhongkong |  @medialinkhk |  www.medialink.com.hk





  Comics Publishing Matching Session  
Open-call for glowing Hong Kong comics artists to match with overseas publishers for publishing opportunities!

Deadline of the Open-call: 2020.12.31 (Thur)

Overseas publishers:

Alex CHAUVEL (Co-founder of Éditions Polystyrène, France)
Frédéric FOURREAU (Editorial Director of Patayo Éditions, France)
Nicolas GALIANO (Editorial Director of Éditions Chattochatto, France) 
Daniel PELLEGRINO (Co-founder of Éditions Atrabile, Switzerland)
David SCHILTER (Founder of kuš!, Latvia)

Quota: 25
Free of Charge
Details & Application:   Press Here    


Online Comics One-to-one Critique Sessions

Session One:
For Fever C
omics Master Class Participants

Date: 2020.12.20 (Sun)
Time: 1930-2130

Conducted in French with Cantonese interpretation

Session Two:
For Open-call Selected Participants

Date: 2021.1.23 (Sat)
Time: 1800-2000

Conducted in French with Cantonese interpretation





  Comics Master Class Participants’ Works Showcase  

Date: 2020.11.23 - 2021.1.17

Venue: Jockey Club Atrium, G-4/F, Hong Kong Arts Centre

Time: 0900-2300

Free Admission

Details:   Press Here  




  Comics Master Class  

Final Call for Passionate Comics Artists   Application Deadline Extended to 21st June 2020

Application Deadline: 2020.06.21

Course Dates: 2020.06 – 09 (Total 6 sessions in 4 months)

Venue: Hong Kong Arts Centre

Conducted in Cantonese

Free of Charge

Quota: 15

Details & Application:   Press Here  



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